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Central Banking

2003, v. 14, n. 2

  • Página 3-6
    Título: People. Central bankers in the news and on the move.

  • Página 7-14
    Título: Banknotes. A round-up of news and salient issues that have affected central bankers in the last three months.

  • Página 30-33
    Autor/es: Robert Aliber.
    Título: The looming crisis in international payments.
    Resumen: The build-up of net US external liabilities threatens the international monetary system, contends Robert Aliber. But how, when and where will adjustment occur? Dollar holders beware.

  • Página 51-59
    Título: Interview: Lars Svensson.
    Resumen: Inflation targetting is in vogue, but does it have all the answers? Lars Svensson discusses the success of this fashionable regime to date and how it might be improved in the future.

  • Página 74-76
    Título: What next for the G20?
    Resumen: The composition of the G20 makes it the ideal forum to tackle key issues of international finance, suggests Marc Uzan. In this article he looks at how it can make a meaningful contribution to international monetary stability.

  • Página 77-85
    Título: Investment portfolio techiques at a central bank.
    Resumen: Etienne Lavigne, head of the middle office at the National Bank of Belgium, shows how a central bank can incorporate portfolio techniques into its reserve management framework to take on new risks and improve performance.