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Payment Systems Worldwide

2003, v. 14, n. 3

  • Página 3-12
    Título: Policy Issues for Central Banks in Retail Payments.
    Resumen: An examination of the policy issues and present involvement of central banks in the area of retail payments. In these excerpts from the CPSS report, the focus is on central banks' operational role and on their role as catalysts and facilitators of mar

  • Página 13-16
    Título: Innovation in Retail Payments.
    Resumen: An overview of 1) some of the main areas of recent innovation in retail payment services and delivery channels in the end user market; and 2) the main innovation trends in the transaction process and in clearing, settlement and related services.

  • Página 17-21
    Autor/es: Bank of Japan, Tokyo
    Título: Business Continuity Planning at Bank of Japan: Central Bank Funds Transfer & Other Services.
    Resumen: Business continuity planning is key to effectively addressing wide-scale disruptions-whether by natural causes, accidents or terrorist activities. To ensure effective functioning of payment and settlement systems in Japan in times of disaster, the Bank o

  • Página 22-32
    Autor/es: Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems, Bank for International .
    Título: Retail Payment Data from Selected Countries.
    Resumen: The latest figures from the CPSS on volumes and values in retail payment systems. Included are data on use of cashless payment instruments and direct participants in CPSS retail interbank funds transfer systems.