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Journal of International Banking Regulation

2003, v. 5, n. 1

  • Página 6-8
    Autor/es: Dalvinder Singh.
    Título: The joint Forum: Initiatives by the BCBS, IAIS and IOSCO to combat moneY laundering and the financing of terrorism.

  • Página 9-20
    Autor/es: Peter Cartwright and Andrew Campbell.
    Título: Co-insurance and moral hazard: Some reflections on deposit protection in the UK and USA.

  • Página 21-34
    Autor/es: Iwa Akinrinsola.
    Título: Monetary integration in West Africa.

  • Página 35-56
    Autor/es: Kenneth K. Mwenda andjudith M. Mvula.
    Título: A framework for unified financial services supervision: Lessons from Germany and other European countries.

  • Página 57-71
    Autor/es: Dara Khambata and Rajesh R. Bagdi.
    Título: Off-balance-sheet credit risk of the top 20 Japanese banks.

  • Página 72-77
    Autor/es: Charles Chatterjee and Anna Lefcovitch.
    Título: The principle of autonomy of letters of credit is sacrosanct in nature.

  • Página 78-103
    Autor/es: Apostolos Gkoutzinis.
    Título: Cross-border electronic banking activities in the single European market and the normative value of home country supervision.