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Journal of Educational Psychology

2008, v. 100, n. 4

  • Página 727-740
    Autor/es: Wu, Wei; West, G. Stephen; Hughes, N. Jan
    Título: Effect of retention in first grade on children's achievement trajectories over 4 years: a piecewise growth analysis using propensity score matching.
    Resumen: The authors investigated the relatively short-termand longer term effects of grade retention in 1st grade on the growth of mathematics and reading achievement over 4 years.

  • Página 741-753
    Autor/es: Moller, C. Arlen; Forbes-Jones, Emma; HIghtower, Dirk, A
    Título: Classroom age composition and developmental changes in 70 urban preschool classrooms.
    Resumen: A multilevel modeling approach was used to investigate the influence of age composition in 70 urban preschool classrooms.

  • Página 754-764
    Autor/es: Thijs, Jochem; Verkuten, Maykel
    Título: Peer victimization and academic achievement in a multiethnic sample: The role of perceived academic self-efficacy.
    Resumen: This study examines the link between perceived peer victimization and academic adjustment in an ethnically diverse sample of 1,895 Grade students nested within 108 school classes.

  • Página 765-781
    Autor/es: Skinner, Ellen; Furrer, Carrie; Marchand, Gwen; Kindermann, Thomas
    Título: Engagement and disaffection in the classroom: Part of a larger motivational dynamic?
    Resumen: A study of 805 4th through 7th graders used a model of motivational development to guide the investigation of the internal dynamics of 4 indicators of behavioral and emotional engagement and diseffection and the facilitative effects of teacher support

  • Página 782-797
    Autor/es: Neitzel, Carrin; Alexander, M. Joyce; Johnson, E. Kathy
    Título: Children's early interest-based activities in the home and subsequent information contributions and pursuits in kindergerten.
    Resumen: This study examined the early interests of 109 children and their subsequent information contributions and pursuits in kindergarten.

  • Página 798-811
    Autor/es: Jang, Hyungshim
    Título: Supporting students' motivation, engagement, and learning during an uninteresting activity.
    Resumen: The present study examined the capacity of 2 different theoretical models of motivation to explain why an externally provided rationale often supports students' motivation, engagement, and learning during

  • Página 812-828
    Autor/es: Etten, Van, Shawn; Pressley, Michael; McInerney, M. Dennis; Liem, Darmanegara, Arief
    Título: College senoirs' theory of their academic motivation.
    Resumen: College seniors participated in an ethnographic interview study about their academic motivations. It was found that grades and graduation are 2 primary distal target goals that motivate

  • Página 829-850
    Autor/es: Fuchs, S. Lynn; Compton, L. Donald; Fuchs, Douglas; Hollenbeck, N. Kurstin; Craddock, F. Caitlin; Hamlett, L. Carol
    Título: Dynamic assessment of algebraic learning in predicting third graders development of mathematical problem solving.
    Resumen: Dynamic assessment (DA) involves helping students learn a task and indexing responsiveness to that instroduction as a measure of learning potential.

  • Página 851-868
    Autor/es: Kieffer, J. Michael
    Título: Catching Up or falling behind? Initial english proficincy, concentrated poverty, and the reading growth of language minority learners in the United States.
    Resumen: This study contrasts growth trayectories in English reading for 2 groups of language minority (LM) learners-those who enter kindergarten with limited oral English proficiency and those who enter

  • Página 869-878
    Autor/es: Conrad, J. Nicole
    Título: From readind to spelling and spelling to reading: Transfer goas both ways.
    Resumen: This study compares the effects of practice spelling and reading specific words on the orthographic representations in memory involved in reading both praticed words and new, unfamiliar words.

  • Página 879-906
    Autor/es: Rogers, Ann, Leslie; Graham, Steve
    Título: A meta-nalysis of single subject design writing intervention research.
    Resumen: There is considerable concern that students do not develop the writing skills needed for school, occupational, or personal suuccess.

  • Página 907-919
    Autor/es: Cutler, Laura; Graham, Steve
    Título: Primary grade writing instruction: A national survey.
    Resumen: A random sample of primary grade teachers (N= 178; 97% female) from across the United States was surveyed about their classroom instructional in writing. Most of the participating teachers (72%)

  • Página 920-929
    Autor/es: Schommer- Aikins, Marlene; Easter, Marilyn
    Título: Epistemological beliefs' contributions to study strategies of Asian Americans and Euripean Americans.
    Resumen: Given the increasingly culturally diverse composition of students in American classrooms, undertanding the nature of cultural differences is necessary to genarate effective instructional interventions.

  • Página 930-941
    Autor/es: West, F. Richard; Toplak, E. Maggie; Stanovich, E. Keith
    Título: Heuristics and biases as measures of critical thinking: Associations with cognitive ability and thinking dispositions.
    Resumen: In this article, the authors argue that there are a range of effect usually studied within cognitive psychology that are legitimately thought of as aspects of critical thinking:

  • Página 942-960
    Autor/es: Davis, A. Heather; DiStefano, Christine; Schutz, A. Paul
    Título: Identifying patterns of appraising tests in first-year college students: Implications for anxiety and emotion regulation during test taking.
    Resumen: The authors explored patterns of appraising tests in a large sample of 1st-year college students. Cluster analysis was used to identify homogeneous groups of 1st-tear students who shared similar patterns of cognitive appraisals about testing.

  • Página 961-976
    Autor/es: Stankov, Lazar; Lee, Jihyun
    Título: Confidence and cognitive test performance.
    Resumen: This article examines the nature of confidence in relation to abilities, personality, and metacognition. Confidence scores were collected during the administration of Reading and Listening sections

  • Página 988-1001
    Autor/es: Trautwein, Ulrich; Gerlach, Erin; Ludtke, Oliver
    Título: Athletic classmates, physical self-concept, and free-time physical activity: A longitudinal study of frame of reference effects.
    Resumen: The systematic analysis of factors that promote or impede physical activity in children is an urgent task for educational researchers. The present study investigated the reciprocal relationship between physical self-concept,