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Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

2008, v. 107, n. 2

  • Página 97-105
    Autor/es: Tsai, I, Claire; Klayman, Joshua; Hastie, Reid.
    Título: Effects of amount of information on judgment accuracy and confidence.
    Resumen: When a person evaluates his or her confidence in a judgment.

  • Página 106-122
    Autor/es: Rockmann, Kevin; Northcraft, B, Gregory.
    Título: To be or not to be trusted: The influence of media richness on defection and deception.
    Resumen: When business transactions take place between strangers.

  • Página 123-140
    Autor/es: Leslie, M, Lisa; Gelfand, J, Michele.
    Título: The who and when of internal gender discriminination claims: An interactional model.
    Resumen: Although gender discrimination has been illegal in organizations since the passage.

  • Página 141-160
    Autor/es: Chatman, A, Jennifer; Boisnier, D, Alicia; Spataro, E, Sandra; Anderson, Cameron; Berdahl, L, Jennifer.
    Título: Being distinctive versus being conspicuous: The effects of numeric status and sex-stereotyped tasks on individual performance in groups.
    Resumen: Being in the numeric minority (e.g., being a solo woman in a group of men).

  • Página 161-178
    Autor/es: Ferrin, L, Donald; Bligh, C, Michelle; Kohles, C, Jeffrey.
    Título: It takes two to tango: An interdependence analysis of the spiraling of perceived trustworthiness and cooperation in interpersonal and intergroup relationships.
    Resumen: We present three spiral reinforcement models that describe how mutual perceptions.

  • Página 179-191
    Autor/es: McKenzie, M, R, Craig; Liersch, J, Michael; Yaniv, Ilan.
    Título: Overconfidence in interval estimates: What does expertise bu you ?
    Resumen: People´s 90% subjective confidence intervals typically contain the true value about 50%.

  • Página 192-205
    Autor/es: Curhan, R, Jared; Neale, A, Margaret; Ross, Lee; Rosencranz-Engelmann, Jesse.
    Título: Relational accommodation in negotiation: Effects of egalitarianism and gender on economic efficiency and relational capital.
    Resumen: Highly relational contexts can have costs as well as benefits.

  • Página 206-218
    Autor/es: Radzevick, R, Joseph; Moore, A, Don.
    Título: Myopic biases in competitions.
    Resumen: In three studies using both laboratory and field data.

  • Página 219-233
    Autor/es: Goncalo, A, Jack; Duguid, M, Duguid.
    Título: Hidden consequences of the group-serving bias: Causal attributions and the quality of group decision making.
    Resumen: A long stream of research in attibution theory suggests that groups are biased toward attributing.

  • Página 234-245
    Autor/es: Gino, Francesca.
    Título: Do we listen to advice just because we paid for it? The impact of advice cost on its use.
    Resumen: When facing a decision, people often rely on advice received from others.