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Journal of Applied Poultry Research

2016, v. 25, n. 3

  • Página 315-321
    Autor/es: S. C. Chang, M. J. Lin, Y. K. Fan, and T. T. Lee
    Título: Effects of lighting intensity on growth and reproductive performance of breeder geese

  • Página 322-327
    Autor/es: M. S. Tahir, D. Mehmood, A. U. Sultan, M. H. Saeed, A. R. Khan, F. Ansari, M. M. Salman, and K. A. Majeed
    Título: A modified strategy of multiplex RT-PCR for simultaneous detection of H5, H7, and H9 subtypes of avian influenza virus based on common forward oligo

  • Página 328-337
    Autor/es: C. Flores, M. Williams, J. Pieniazek, Y. Dersjant-Li, A. Awati, and J. T. Lee
    Título: Direct-fed microbial and its combination with xylanase, amylase, and protease enzymes in comparison with AGPs on broiler growth performance and foot-pad lesion development

  • Página 338-351
    Autor/es: R. E. Latham, M. P. Williams, C. Flores, H. V. Masey O’Neill, T. W. York, and J. T. Lee
    Título: Impact of variable corn nutrient content, AME prediction, and xylanase inclusion on growth performance

  • Página 352-358
    Autor/es: S. Liaqat, S. Mahmood, S. Ahmad, Z. Kamran, and K. C. Koutoulis
    Título: Replacement of canola meal with Moringa oleifera leaf powder affects performance and immune response in broilers

  • Página 359-369
    Autor/es: S. Khempaka, L. Hokking, and W. Molee
    Título: Potential of dried cassava pulp as an alternative energy source for laying hens

  • Página 370-378
    Autor/es: H. Hu, X. Bai, A. Wen, A. A. Shah, S. Dai, Q. Ren, S. Wang, S. He, and L. Wang
    Título: Assessment of interactions between glutamine and glucose on meat quality, AMPK, and glutamine concentrations in pectoralis major meat of broilers under acute heat stress

  • Página 379-388
    Autor/es: J. Arroyo, F. Lavigne, C. Molette, M. Bijja, J. P. Dubois, and L. Fortun-Lamothe
    Título: Effect of sequential feeding using whole cereal grains during finishing period in male mule ducks (Carina moschata × Anas platyrinchos)

  • Página 389-395
    Autor/es: L. W. He, Q. X. Meng, D. Y. Li, Y. W. Zhang, and L. P. Ren
    Título: Influence of dietary fiber sources on the physiological and behavioral stress responses of Greylag geese (Anser anser)

  • Página 396-406
    Autor/es: C. Schneitz, E. Koivunen, P. Tuunainen, and J. Valaja
    Título: The effects of a competitive exclusion product and two probiotics on Salmonella colonization and nutrient digestibility in broiler chickens

  • Página 407-413
    Autor/es: M. W. S. Walston, R. Shanmugasundaram, and R. K. Selvaraj
    Título: Effect of infection with mixed Eimeria species on T cells and T regulatory cell properties

  • Página 414-421
    Autor/es: J. A. Gradl, P. A. Curtis, K. M. Keener, K. S. Macklin, and R. A. Norton
    Título: Moisture content and moisture quantity of sweated chicken eggs in 2 storage environments

  • Página 422-427
    Autor/es: J. M. Li, X. Y. Zhang, C. Yuan, L. P. Miao, H. X. Yan, X. Y. Dong, J. J. Lu, and X. T. Zou
    Título: Effects of dietary L-threonine levels on antioxidant capacity, digestive enzyme activities, and antibody production of Xinyang green-shell laying hens

  • Página 428-436
    Autor/es: S. Roberts, H. Xin, R. Swestka, M. Yum, and K. Bregendahl
    Título: Spatial variation of manure nutrients and manure sampling strategy in high-rise laying-hen houses

  • Página 437-442
    Autor/es: Z. S. Lowman and C. M. Ashwell
    Título: Parental diet effects on egg component weights and shell quality

  • Página 443-454
    Autor/es: H. K. Burley, K. E. Anderson, P. H. Patterson, and P. B. Tillman
    Título: Editor's Choice: Formulation challenges of organic poultry diets with readily available ingredients and limited synthetic methionine