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Clinical Biomechanics

2013, v. 27, n. 10

  • Página 994-998
    Autor/es: Nelson-Wong, Erika ; Brendan, A ; Csepe, D. ; Lancaster, D. ; Callaghan, J.
    Título: Altered muscle recruitment durint extension from trunk flexion in low back pain developers

  • Página 999-1005
    Autor/es: Desbiens-Blais, F. ; Clin, J. ; Parent, S. ; Labelle, H. ; Aubin, C.
    Título: New brace design combining CAD/CAM and biomechanical simulation for the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

  • Página 1006-1010
    Autor/es: Eberle, S. ; Gabel, J. ; Hungerer, S. ; Hoffmann, R. ; Patzold, R. ; Augat, P. ; Buhren, V.
    Título: Auxiliary locking plate improves fracture stability and healing in intertrochanteric fractures fixated by intramedullary nail

  • Página 1011-1016
    Autor/es: Sobczak, S. ; Dugailly, P. ; Baillon, B. ; Lefevre, P. ; Rooze, M. ; Salvia, P. ; Feipel, V.
    Título: In vitro biomechanical study of femoral torsion disorders: Effect on femoro-tibial kinematics

  • Página 1017-1022
    Autor/es: Hall, A. L. ; Bowden, M.G. ; Kautz, S.A. ; Neptume, R. R.
    Título: Biomechanical variables related to walking performance 6-months following post-stroke rehabilitation

  • Página 1023-1030
    Autor/es: Raja, B. ; Neptune, R. R. ; Kautz, S. A.
    Título: Coordination of the non-paretic leg during hemiparetic gait: Expected and novel compensatory patterns

  • Página 1031-1037
    Autor/es: Carty, C.P. ; Cronin, N.J.; Lichtwark, P.M. ; Barrett, R.S.
    Título: Lower limb muscle moments and power during recovery from forward loss of balance in male and female single and multiple steppers

  • Página 1038-1044
    Autor/es: Resende, R. A. ; Fonseca, S. T. ; Silva, P. L. ; Magalhaes, C. M. ; Kirkwood, R. N.
    Título: Power at hip, knee and ankle joints are compromised in women with mild and moderate knee osteoarthritis

  • Página 1045-1051
    Autor/es: Willy, R. W. ; Scholz, J.P. ; Davis, I. S.
    Título: Mirror gait retraining for the treatment of patellofemoral pain in female runners

  • Página 1052-1058
    Autor/es: Willson, J. D. ; Petrowitz, I. ; Butler, R. J. ; Kernozet, T. W.
    Título: Male and female gluteal muscle activity and lower extremity kinematics during running

  • Página 1058-1063
    Autor/es: McGrath, D. ; Judkins, T. N. ; Pipinos, I. I. ; Johanning, J.M. ; Myers, S. A.
    Título: Peripheral arterial disease affects the frequency response of ground reaction forces during walking

  • Página 1064-1071
    Autor/es: Frigg, A. ; Schafer, J. ; Dougall, H. ; Rosenthal, R. ; Valderrabano, V.
    Título: The midfoot load shows impaired function after ankle arthrodesis

  • Página 1072-1077
    Autor/es: Fong, D. ; Pang, K. ; Chung, A. ; Hung, L. ; Chan, K.
    Título: Evaluation of combined prescription of rocker sole shoes and custom-made foot orthoses for the treatment of plantar fasciitis

  • Página 1078-1082
    Autor/es: Burgess, K. E. ; Swinton, P.
    Título: Do Fitflops increase lower limb muscle activity?