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Social Work. A Journal of the National Association of Social Workers

2005, v. 50, n. 1

  • Página 7-20
    Autor/es: Mowbray, Carol T.; Collins, Mary E.; Bellamy, Chyrell D.; Megivern, Deborah A.; Bybee, Deborah; Szilvagyi, Steve.
    Título: Supported education for adults with psychiatric disabilities: an innovation for social work and psychosocial rehabilitation practice.
    Resumen: Whith medications that improve cognition and advances in knowledge of succesful rehabilitative approaches, adults with psychiatric disabilities are increasingly able to pursue desired personal and career goals in their communities.

  • Página 21-30
    Autor/es: Linhorst, Donald M.; Eckert, Anne; Hamilton, Gary.
    Título: Promoting participation in Organizational decision making by clients with severe mental illness.
    Resumen: This qualitative study assessed clients' participation in organizational decision making in a public long-term psychiatric hospital. Numerous examples were found in which clients meaningfully participated in the decision-making process and archieved favor

  • Página 31-39
    Autor/es: Corrigan, Patrick W.; McCracken, Stanley G.
    Título: Place first,then train: an alternative to the medical of psychiatric rehabilitation.
    Resumen: The medical model has promoted a train-place model for psychiatric rehabilitation. This model carefully trains people with psychiatric disabilities on a range of skills so they can handle real-world demands before placing them in work and independent livi

  • Página 43-52
    Autor/es: Walsh, Joseph; Green, Robert; Matthews, Janice; Bonucelli-Puerto, Brenda.
    Título: Social workers' views of the etiology of mental disorders: results of a national study.
    Resumen: Research on many mental disorders conducted since the 1990s strongly suggests a biological component to etiology. These developments should inform the decisions clinical social workers make regarding their interventions with clients.

  • Página 53-63
    Autor/es: Lundgren, Lena M.; Schilling, Robert F.; Peloquin, Susan D.
    Título: Evidence-based drug treatment practice and the child welfare system: the example of methadone.
    Resumen: This article examined the extent to which methadone maintenance(MM)is considered a treatment alternative for drug-dependent parents, as reflected in the social work and child welfare literature and in child welfare policies.

  • Página 65-75
    Autor/es: Siebert, Darcy Clay.
    Título: Help seeking for AOD misuse among social workers: patterns, barriers, and implications.
    Resumen: Social workers experience alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems, yet little is known about how they deal with these issues. To begin to address this gap in knowledge, this study presents data from a sample of NASW members and describes how frequently soci

  • Página 77-87
    Autor/es: Hodge, David R.
    Título: Spiritual lifemaps: a client-centered pictorial instrument for spiritual assessment, planning, and intervention.
    Resumen: Although some consumers desire to integrate spirituality into the clinical dialogue, few resources have appeared in the literature to help practitioners operationalize spiritual strengths. This article introduces and orients practitioners to a new pictori