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Journal of Applied Physiology

2013, v. 113, n. 6

  • Página 1669-1676
    Autor/es: Wang, L; Schummann, U; Liu, Y; Prokopchuck, O; Steinacker, J. M.
    Título: Heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) inhibits oxidative phosphorylation and compensates ATP balance through enhanced glycolytic activity

  • Página 1677-1683
    Autor/es: Kurtzwald-Josefson, E; Hochhauser, E; Katz, G; Porat, E; Seidman, J. G; Seidman, C. E; Chepurko, Y; Shainberg, A; Eldar, M; Arad, M.
    Título: Exercise training improves cardiac function and attenuates arrhythmia in CPVT mice

  • Página 1684-1689
    Autor/es: Cimino, F; Balestra, C; Germonpré, P; De Bels, D; Tillmans, F; Saija, A; Speciale, A; Virgili, F.
    Título: Pulsed high oxygen induces a hypoxic-like response in human umbilical endothelial cells and in humans

  • Página 1690-1698
    Autor/es: Ives, S. J; Andtbacka, R. H. I; Kwon, S. H; shiu, Y. T; Ruan, T; Noyes, R. D; Zhang, Q. J; Symons, J. D; Richardson, R. S.
    Título: Heat and a1-adrenergic responsiveness in human skeletal muscle feed arteries: the role of nitric oxide

  • Página 1699-1708
    Autor/es: Behnke, B. J; Ramsey, M. W; Stabley, J. N; Dominguez 2nd, J. M; Davir 3rd; R. T; McCullough, D. J; Muller-Delp, J. M; Delp, M. D.
    Título: Effects of aging and exercise training on skeletal muscle blood flow and resistance artery morphology

  • Página 1709-1717
    Autor/es: Zhang, J; Cao, S; Kwansa, H; Crafa, D; Kibler, K. K; Koehler, R. C.
    Título: Transfusion of hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers in the carboxy state is benefical during transient focal cerebral ischemia

  • Página 1718-1726
    Autor/es: Berner, J; Shvarev, Y; Zimmer, A; Wickstrom, R.
    Título: Hypoxic ventilatory response in Tac1-/- neonatal mice following exposure to opioids

  • Página 1727-1736
    Autor/es: Rivas, D. A; Morris, E. P; Haran, P. H; Pasha, E. P; da Silva Morais, M; Dolnikowski, G. G; Phillips, E. M; Fielding, R. A.
    Título: Increased ceramide content and NFkB signaling may contribute to the attenuation of anabolic signaling after resistance exercise in aged males

  • Página 1737-1746
    Autor/es: Ludlow, A. T; Lima, L, C, J; Wang, J; Hanson, E. D; Guth, L. M; Spangenburg, E. E; Roth, S. M.
    Título: Exercise alters mRNA expression of telomere-repeat binding factor 1 in skeletal muscle via p38 MAPK

  • Página 1747-1755
    Autor/es: Casabona, A; Valle, S. M; Pisasale, M; Pantó, M. R; Cioni, M.
    Título: Functional assesments of the knee joint biomechanics by using pendulum test in adults with Down syndrome

  • Página 1756-1762
    Autor/es: Davis, C. J; Clinton, J.M; Krueger, J. M.
    Título: MicroRNA 138, let-7b, and 125a inhibitors differentially alter sleep and EEG delta-wave activity in rats

  • Página 1763-1771
    Autor/es: Villars, C; Bergouignan, A; Dugas, J; Antoun, E; Shoeller, D. A; Roth, H; Maingon, A. C; Lefai, E; Blanc, S; Simon, C.
    Título: Validity of combing heart rate and uniaxial acceleration to measure free-living physical activity energy expenditure in young men

  • Página 1772-1783
    Autor/es: Bonilla, I. M; Belevych, A. E; Sridhar, A; Nishijima, Y; Ho, H. T; He, Q; Kukielka, M; Terentyev, D; Terentyeva, R; Liu, B; Long, V. P; Gyorke, S; Carnes, C. A; Billman, G. E.
    Título: Endurance exercise training normalizes repolarization and calcium-handling abnormalities, preventing ventricular fibrillation in a model of sudden cardiac death

  • Página 1784-1791
    Autor/es: Ahmed, A. S; Schizas, N; Li, J; Ahmed, M; Ostenson, C. G; Salo, P; Hewitt, C; Hart, D. A; Ackermann, P. W.
    Título: Type 2 diabetes impairs tendon repair after injury in a rat model

  • Página 1792-1801
    Autor/es: Baek, K; Bloomfield, S. A.
    Título: Blocking b-adrenergic signaling attenuates reductions in circulating leptin, cancellous bone mass, and marrow adiposity seen with dietary energy restriction

  • Página 1802-1808
    Autor/es: Liu, R. x; Wang, Y. l; Li, H, b; Wang, N. n; Bao, M. j; Xu, L. y.
    Título: Comparative study between original and traditional method in establishing a chronic sinus node damage model in rabbit

  • Página 1810-1820
    Autor/es: Porta, A; Castiglioni, P; Di Rienzo, M; Bari, V; Bassani, T; Marchi, A; Takahashi, A. C. M; Tobaldini, E; Montano, N; Catai, A. M; Barbic, F; Furlan, R; Cividjian, A; Quintin, L.
    Título: Short-term complexity indexes of heart period and systolic arterial pressure variabilities provide complementary information

  • Página 1821-1830
    Autor/es: Harwood, B; Choi, I; Rice, C. L.
    Título: Reduced motor unit discharge rates of maximal velocity dynamic contractions in response to a submaximal dynamic fatigue protocol

  • Página 1831-1837
    Autor/es: Willis, L. H; Slentz, C. A; Bateman, L. A; Shields, A. T; Piner, L. W; Bales, C. W; Houmard, J. A; Kraus, W. E.
    Título: Effects of aerobic and/or resistance training on body mass and fat mass in overweight or obese adults

  • Página 1838-1845
    Autor/es: Wilson, D. F; Harrison, D. K; Vinogradoc, S. A.
    Título: Oxygen, pH, and mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation

  • Página 1846-1851
    Autor/es: Barret-O'Keefe, Z; Helgerud, J; Wagner, P. D; Richardson, R. S.
    Título: Maximal strength training and increased work efficiency: contribution from the trained muscle bed

  • Página 1852-1861
    Autor/es: Schweitzer, G. G; Arias, E. B; Cartee, G. D.
    Título: Sustained postexercise increased in AS160 Thr642 and Ser588 phosphorylation in skeletal muscle without sustained increases in kinase phosphorylation

  • Página 1862-1872
    Autor/es: Farris, D. J; Sawicki, G.S
    Título: Linking the mechanics and energetics of hopping with elastic ankle exoskeletons

  • Página 1873-1883
    Autor/es: Jenkins, N. T; Padilla, J; Arce-Esquivel, A. A; Bayless, D. S; Martin, J. S; Leidy, H. J; Booth, F. W; Rector, R. S; Laughlin, M. H.
    Título: Effects of endurance exercise training, metformin, and their combination on adipose tissue leptin and IL-10 secretion in OLETF rats

  • Página 1884-1901
    Autor/es: Wang, Y; Winters, J; Subramaniam, S.
    Título: Functional classification of skeletal muscle networks. I. Normal physiology

  • Página 1902-1920
    Autor/es: Wang, Y; Winters, Jack; Subramaniam, S.
    Título: Functional classification of skeletal muscle networks. II. Applications to pathophysiology

  • Página 1921-1928
    Autor/es: Chan, S. H. H; Chan, J. Y. H.
    Título: Brain stem oxidative stress and its associated signaling in the regulation of sympathetic vasomotor tone

  • Página 1929-1936
    Autor/es: Arnold, A. C; Sakima, A; Kasper, S. O; Vinsant, S; Garcia-Espinosa, M. A; Diz, D. I.
    Título: The brain renin-angiotensin system and cardiovascular responses to stress: insights from transgenic rats with low brain angiotensinogen

  • Página 1937-1944
    Autor/es: Yu, T; Zhu, W; Gu, B; Li, S; Wang, F; Liu, M; Wei, M; Li, J.
    Título: Simvastatin attenuates sympathetic hyperinnervation to prevent atrial fibrillation during the postmyocardial infarction remodeling process