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Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology

2013, v. 22, n. 6

  • Página 795-802
    Autor/es: Fortier, S; Basset, F.A.
    Título: The effects of exercise on limb proprioceptive signals

  • Página 803-813
    Autor/es: Marta, S; Silva, L; Castro, M.A; Pezarat-Correia, P; Cabri, J.
    Título: Electromyography variables during the golf swing: A literature review

  • Página 814-820
    Autor/es: Ge, W; Pickar, J.G.
    Título: The decreased responsiveness of lumbar muscle spindles to a prior history of spinal muscle lengthening is graded with magnitude of change in vertebral position

  • Página 821-828
    Autor/es: Claeys, K; Dankaerts, W; Janssens, L; Brumagne, S.
    Título: Altered preparatory pelvic control during the sit-to-stance-to-sit movement in people with non-specific low back pain

  • Página 829-834
    Autor/es: Snodgrass, S.J; Rhodes, H.R.
    Título: Cervical spine posteroanterior sitffness differs with neck position

  • Página 835-844
    Autor/es: Le Meur, Y; Dorel, S; Rabita, G; Bernard, T; Brisswalter, J; Hausswirth, C.
    Título: Spring-mass behavior and electromyographic activity evolution during a cycle-run test to exhaustion in triathletes

  • Página 845-851
    Autor/es: Bisi, M.C; Ceccarelli, M; Riva, F; Stagni, R.
    Título: Biomechanical and metabolic responses to seat-tube angle variation during cycling in tri-athletes

  • Página 852-858
    Autor/es: Piirainen, J.M; Linnamo, V; Sippola, N; Avela, J.
    Título: Neuromuscular function during drop jumps in young and elderly males

  • Página 859- 865
    Autor/es: Mapelli, A; Galante, D; Paganoni, S; Fusini, L; Forlani, G; Sforza, C.
    Título: Three-dimensional hand movements during the execution of ball juggling: Effect of expertise in street performers

  • Página 866-872
    Autor/es: Rey, E; Lago-Peñas, C; Lago-Ballesteros, J.
    Título: Tensiomyography of selected lower-limb muscles in professional soccer players

  • Página 873-877
    Autor/es: Bampouras, T.M; Reeves, N.D; Baltzopoulos, V; Jones, D.A; Magnaris, C.N.
    Título: Is maximum stimulation intensity required in the assesment of muscle activation capacity?

  • Página 878-885
    Autor/es: Severini, G; Conforto, S; Schmid, M; D Alessio, T.
    Título: Novel formulation of a double threshold algorithm for the estimation of muscle activation intervals designed for variable SNR enviroments

  • Página 886-892
    Autor/es: Frost, L.R; Gerling, M.E; Markic, J.L; Brown, S.H.M.
    Título: Exploring the effect of repeated-day familiarization on the ability to generate reliable maximum voluntary muscle activation

  • Página 893-900
    Autor/es: Thompson, B.J; Ryan, E.D; Herda, T.J; Costa, P.B; Walter, A.A; Sobolewski, E.J; Cramer, J.T.
    Título: Consistency of rapid muscle force characteristics: Influence of muscle contraction onset detection methodology

  • Página 901-907
    Autor/es: Zhang, X; Zhou, P.
    Título: Sample entropy analysis of surface EMG for improved muscle activity onset detection against spurious background spikes

  • Página 908-913
    Autor/es: Abdoli-Eramaki, M; Damecour, C; Christenson, J; Stevenson, J.
    Título: The effect of perspiration on the sEMG amplitude and power spectrum

  • Página 914-922
    Autor/es: Smith, A.J.J; Flaxman, T.E; Speirs, A.D; Benoit, D.L.
    Título: Reliability of knee joint muscle activity during weight bearing force control

  • Página 923-929
    Autor/es: Kawamoto, T; Yamazaki, N.
    Título: Bulk movement included in multi-channel mechanomyography: Similarity between mechanomyography of resting muscle and that of contracting muscle

  • Página 930-938
    Autor/es: Tosovic, D; Ghebremedhim, E; Glen, C; Gorelick, M; Mark Brown, J.
    Título: The architecture and contraction time of intrinsic foot muscles

  • Página 939-946
    Autor/es: Nuesch, C; Huber, C; Pagenstert, G; von Tscharner, V; Valderrabano, V.
    Título: Muscle activation of patients suffering from asymmetric ankle osteoarthritis during isometric contractions and level walking -A time-frecuency analysis

  • Página 947-953
    Autor/es: Theis, N; Mohagheghi, A.A, Korff, T.
    Título: Method and strain rate dependence of Achilles tendon stifness

  • Página 954-960
    Autor/es: Carignan, B; Daneault, J.F; Duval, C.
    Título: The effect of changes in joint angle on the chracteristics of physiological tremor

  • Página 961-967
    Autor/es: Santos, T.V; Ruas, G; Sande de Souza, L.A.P; Volpe, M.S.
    Título: Influence of forward leaning and incentive spirometry on inspired volumes and inspiratory electromyographic activity during breathing exercise in healthy subjects

  • Página 968-974
    Autor/es: Seitz, A.L; Uhl, T.L.
    Título: Reliability and minimal detectable change in scapulothoracic neuromuscular activity

  • Página 975-982
    Autor/es: Tanabe, H; Fujii, K; Kouzaki, M.
    Título: Large postural fluctuations but unchanged postural sway dynamics during tiptoe standing compared to quiet standing

  • Página 983-989
    Autor/es: Kallio, J; Sogaard, K; Avela, J; Komi, P; Selanne, H; Linnamo, V.
    Título: Age-related decreases in motor unit discharge rate and force control during isometric plantar flexion

  • Página 990-996
    Autor/es: Vickery, H.S.F; Smith, P.A.
    Título: Surface electromyography reveals males have a slower patellar reflex than females

  • Página 997-1002
    Autor/es: Kim, K.M; Ingersoll, C.D; Hertel, J.
    Título: Altered postural modulation of Hoffmann reflex in the soleus and fibularis longus associated with chronic ankle instability

  • Página 1003-1009
    Autor/es: Auchincloss, C; McLean, L.
    Título: Does the presence of a vaginal probe alter pelvic floor muscle activation in young, continent women?

  • Página 1010-1016
    Autor/es: Scott, L.A; Murley, G.S; Wickham, J.B.
    Título: The influence of footwear on the electromyographic activity of selected lower limb muscles during walking