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Truck Trend

2005, v. 8, n. 1

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    Título: Editor´s Desk

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    Título: Letters

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    Título: News Front

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    Título: Firsts

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    Título: International CXT The big-rig manufacturer built the biggest pickup available,no special license needed.

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    Título: Future Plans Is the international scout or scout ll making a comeback? could it get a diesel?

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    Título: GM Kodiak and Topkick These medium-duty truks are now available with four-wheel drive, a welcome addition

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    Título: Design contest winner You voted:we listened check out the winner of truck trend´s 2004 design contest.

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    Título: Real-world Trucks We received hundreds of photos of great trucks and couldn´t run all of them. It just isn´t fair.

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    Título: Sport/Utility of the year This year´s magnificent seven were put to the test-only one take the prize.

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    Título: And the Winner is:the LR3 With an innovative 4WD system and full redesign,the Land Rover´s hard to resist.

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    Título: A Weekend on the Edge Power stroke super dutys take on cummins rams and duramax chevys on the racetrack.

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    Título: Stars and Stripes Shootout Three of the top-seling SUVs-GMC Envoy,ford explorer,and jeep grand cherokee-go head-to-head.

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    Título: Tanks a Lot Having the opportunity to drive a tank makes for an unforgettable first drive.

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    Título: Dodge Sprinter The new van has the rigth interior space and amenities for families,vacationers,and businesses.

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    Título: On the Ball Products for towing-mined truck and SUV owners as well as excellent sources of towing info.

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    Título: Whale Watching

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    Título: Performance Truck

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    Título: Long-Term Update

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    Título: Truck Trend Garage

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    Título: Truck & SUV Gear

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    Título: Road Test Review

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    Título: Pre-Owned