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Journal of Engineering Mechanics

2012, v. 137, n. 12

  • Página 785
    Autor/es: H. F. Zhou, Y. Q. Ni, M.ASCE, and J. M. Ko, F.ASCE
    Título: Eliminating Temperature Effect in Vibration-Based Structural Damage Detection

  • Página 797
    Autor/es: Guowei Ma, Hongyuan Zhou, and Karen Chong
    Título: In-Structure Shock Assessment of Underground Structures with Consideration of Rigid Body Motion

  • Página 807
    Autor/es: Young-Joo Lee, S.M.ASCE and Junho Song
    Título: Risk Analysis of Fatigue-Induced Sequential Failures by Branch-and-Bound Method Employing System Reliability Bounds

  • Página 822
    Autor/es: Amir Hossein Azimi, David Z. Zhu and Nallamuthu Rajaratnam
    Título: Effect of Particle Size on the Characteristics of Sand Jets in Water

  • Página 835
    Autor/es: Noor Afzal, A. Bushra, and Abu Seena
    Título: Analysis of Turbulent Hydraulic Jump over a Transitional Rough Bed of a Rectangular Channel: Universal Relations

  • Página 846
    Autor/es: Cem Topkaya and J. Michael Rotter
    Título: Ring Beam Stiffness Criterion for Column-Supported Metal Silos

  • Página 854
    Autor/es: Antonino Spada, Giuseppe Giambanco, and Piervincenzo Rizzo
    Título: Elastoplastic Damaging Model for Adhesive Anchor Systems. I: Theoretical Formulation and Numerical Implementation

  • Página 862
    Autor/es: Antonino Spada, Piervincenzo Rizzo, and Giuseppe Giambanco
    Título: Elastoplastic Damaging Model for Adhesive Anchor Systems. II: Numerical and Experimental Validation

  • Página 877
    Autor/es: Jinxin Gong, Yanqing Zhang, and Shi Han
    Título: Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Slab Carrying Concentrated Load

  • Página 887
    Autor/es: Simon Jones and Hugh Hunt
    Título: Effect of Inclined Soil Layers on Surface Vibration from Underground Railways Using the Thin-Layer Method

  • Página 901
    Autor/es: Mahmud Dwaikat and Venkatesh Kodur
    Título: Modeling Fracture and Delamination of Spray-Applied Fire-Resisting Materials under Static and Impact Loads

  • Página 911
    Autor/es: Hernan Pinto, Sanjay R. Arwade, and Patrick Veale
    Título: Response of Open Cell Aluminum Foams to Fully Reversed Cyclic Loading

  • Página 919
    Autor/es: Jian-Jian Xie, Huan-Wen Liu, and Pengzhi Lin
    Título: Analytical Solution for Long-Wave Reflection by a Rectangular Obstacle with Two Scour Trenches

  • Página 931
    Autor/es: Sudhakar R. Marur and Tarun Kant
    Título: Erratum for “On the Flexural Analysis of Sandwich and Composite Arches through an Isoparametric Higher-Order Model” by Sudhakar R. Marur and Tarun Kant

  • Página 932
    Título: Reviewers