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Journal of Media Business Studies

2012, v. 9, n. 3

  • Página 1
    Autor/es: Pat Phalen
    Título: Drama at 33,000 Feet: How Innovators,Risk-Takers and Policymakers Created a Market for In-Flight Entertainment

  • Página 19
    Autor/es: Jean K. Chalaby
    Título: Producing TV Content in a Globalized Intellectual Property Market:The Emergence of the International Production Model

  • Página 41
    Autor/es: Elia Powers and Ronald A. Yaros
    Título: Supporting Online Nonprofit News Organizations: Do Financial Contributions Influence Stakeholder Expectations and Engagement?

  • Página 63
    Autor/es: Patrik Wikström and Hanna-Kaisa Ellonen
    Título: The Impact of Social Media Features on Print Media Firms´ Online Business Models