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Journal of Family Issues

2013, v. 33, n. 12

  • Página 1567
    Título: Special Reviewers for Volume 33

  • Página 1572
    Autor/es: Benjamin R. Karney, David S. Loughran, and Michael S. Pollard
    Título: Comparing Marital Status and Divorce Status in Civilian and Military Populations

  • Página 1619
    Autor/es: Juliana McGene and Valarie King
    Título: Implications of New Marriages and Children for Coparenting in Nonresident Father Families

  • Página 1642
    Autor/es: Jennifer K. Karre and Nina S. Mounts
    Título: Nonresident Fathers’ Parenting Style and the Adjustment of Late-Adolescent Boys

  • Página 1658
    Autor/es: Hilary F. Byrnes and Brenda A. Miller
    Título: The Relationship Between Neighborhood Characteristics and Effective Parenting Behaviors: The Role of Social Support

  • Página 1688
    Autor/es: Sarah Halpern-Meekin
    Título: School Variation in Students’ Experiences of High School Relationship and Marriage Education Courses

  • Página 1895
    Autor/es: Kerry M. Green, Elaine E. Doherty, Kate E. Fothergill, and Margaret E. Ensminger
    Título: Marriage Trajectories and Health Risk Behaviors Throughout Adulthood Among Urban African Americans