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Dental Materials Journal

2014, v. 32, n. 1

  • Página 1
    Autor/es: Iwai, Hitoshi; Et. Al.
    Título: Development of MDP-based one-step self-etch adhesive -Effect of additional 4-META on bonding performance-

  • Página 10
    Autor/es: Zhang, Ying; Wang, Yong.
    Título: Photopolymerization of phosphoric acid ester-based self-etch dental adhesives

  • Página 19
    Autor/es: Takemoto, Shinji; Et. Al.
    Título: Discoloration of titanium alloy in acidic saline solutions with peroxide

  • Página 25
    Autor/es: Levartovsky, Shifra; Et. Al.
    Título: Dimensional stability of polvinyl siloxane impression material reproducting the sulcular area

  • Página 32
    Autor/es: Svizero, Nádia da Rocha; Et. Al.
    Título: Effects of curing protocols on fluid kinetics and hardness of resin cements

  • Página 42
    Autor/es: Yildiz, Coskun; Et. Al.
    Título: Marginal-internal adaptation and fracture resistance of CAD/CAM crown restorations

  • Página 48
    Autor/es: Jun, Soo-Kyung; Et. Al.
    Título: Investigation of the correlation between the different mechanical prperties of resin composites

  • Página 58
    Autor/es: Sirin Karaarslan, Emine; Et. Al.
    Título: Effects of different polishing methods on color stability of resin composites after accelerated aging

  • Página 68
    Autor/es: Gando, Iori; Et. Al.
    Título: Resistance of dentine coating materials against abrasion by toothbrush

  • Página 75
    Autor/es: Takahashi, Rena; Et. Al.
    Título: Surface characterization of current composites after toothbrush abrasion

  • Página 83
    Autor/es: Nihei, Tomotaro; Et. Al.
    Título: Effect of enamel surface modification by novel aqueous phosphate-type fluoride surfactants

  • Página 88
    Autor/es: Yamada, Shizuka; Et. Al.
    Título: Effects of fish collagen peptides on collagen post-translational modifications and mineralization in an osteoblastic cell culture system

  • Página 96
    Autor/es: Shrestha, Deepti; Et. Al.
    Título: Effects of sodium ascorbate on degree of conversion and bond strength of RealSeal SE to sodium hypochlorite treated root dentin

  • Página 101
    Autor/es: Egawa, Masahiro; Et. Al.
    Título: In vitro aherence of periodontopathic bacteria to zirconia and titanium surfaces

  • Página 107
    Autor/es: Egilmez, Ferhan; Et. Al.
    Título: Short and long term effects of additional post curing and polishing systems on the color change of dental nano-composites

  • Página 115
    Autor/es: Yoneyama, Yuya; Et. Al.
    Título: in vitro evaluation of H2O2 hydrothermanl treatment of aged titanium surface to enhance biofunctional activity

  • Página 122
    Autor/es: Ito, Hiroshi; Et. Al.
    Título: Response of osteoblast-like cells to zirconia with different surface topography

  • Página 130
    Autor/es: Sakaue, Hitoshi; Et. Al.
    Título: Evaluation of coronal leakage and pathway of dye leakage after obturation with various materials for open apical foramina

  • Página 138
    Autor/es: Joves, José Gerardo; Et. Al.
    Título: Mineral density, morphology and bond strength of natural versus artifical caries-affected dentin

  • Página 144
    Autor/es: Kihara, Takuya; Et. Al.
    Título: Influence of filler on bite impression material in transillumination method for occlusal examination

  • Página 150
    Autor/es: Shizawa, Maho; Et. Al.
    Título: Effects of the space for wash materials on sulcus depth reproduction with addition-curing silicone using two-step putty-wash technique

  • Página 156
    Autor/es: Ijima, Masahiro; Et. Al.
    Título: Effects of the addition of fluoride to a 4-META/MMA-TBB-based resin adhesive on fluoride release, acid resistance of enamel and shear bond strength in vitro

  • Página 165
    Autor/es: Lung, Christine Ying Kei; Kukk, Edwin; Matinlinna, Jukka Pekka.
    Título: The effect of silica-coating by sol-gel process on resin-zirconia bonding

  • Página 173
    Autor/es: Minami, Hiroyuki; Et. Al.
    Título: Effect of adhesion promoting monomer addition to MMA-TBBO resin on bonding to pure palladium

  • Página 181
    Autor/es: Hashimoto, Yusuke; Et. Al.
    Título: Atomic force microscopy observation of enamel surfaces treated with self-etching primer

  • Página 189
    Autor/es: Omori, Satoshi; Et. Al.
    Título: Effect of thickness of zirconia-ceramic crown frameworks on strength and fracture pattern

  • Página 195
    Autor/es: Huang, Her-Hsiung; Et. Al.
    Título: Retraction: Effects of welding pulse energy and fluoride ion on the cracking susceptibility and fatigue behavior of Nd:YAG laser-welded cast titanium joints

  • Página 196
    Autor/es: Garoushi, Sufyan; Et. Al.
    Título: Erratum to: Creep of experimental short fiber-reinforce composite resin