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Critical Care Nurse

2011, v. 31, n. 6

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    Autor/es: Abby Poms and Martha Kingman
    Título: Inhaled Treprostinil for the Treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

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    Autor/es: Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Theresa M. Campo, and Ramón Lavandero
    Título: Critical Care Staff Nurses: Empowerment, Certification, and Intent to Leave

  • Página e18
    Autor/es: Angela Logan, Prasama Sangkachand, and Marjorie Funk
    Título: Optimal Management of Shivering During Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest.

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    Título: Contributors

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    Autor/es: JoAnn Grif Alpach
    Título: Editorial
    Resumen: Make Time to Make Nursing History... in the Nurses' Health Study.

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    Título: Letters to the Editor

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    Título: Abstracts of articles available exclusively online at

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    Autor/es: Tania Christine Yarema and Spencer Yost
    Título: Low-Dose Corticosteroids to Treat Septic Shock: A Critical Literature Review.

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    Autor/es: Rabia Khalaila, Eugene Libersky, Dina Catz, Elina Pomerantsev, Abed Bayya, DAvid M. Linton, and Sigal Sviri.
    Título: Nurse-Led Implementation of a safe and Effective Intravenous Insulin Protocol in a Medical Intensive Care Unit

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    Autor/es: Angela Smith Collins
    Título: Postanesthesia Care
    Resumen: Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Adults: Implications for Critical Care

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    Autor/es: Linda Chalan, Mary F. Tracy, and Irene Grossbach
    Título: Pulmonary Care
    Resumen: Achieving Quality Patient-Ventilator Management: Advancing Evidence-Based Nursing Care.

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    Autor/es: Nicole E. Jenabzadeh and Linda Chlan
    Título: A Nurse's Experience Being Intubated and Receiving Mechanical Ventilation

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    Autor/es: Erin McKenna, Kristina Clement, Elizabeth Thompson, Kathy Haas, William Weber, Michelle Wallace, Cindy Stauffer, Jan Frailey, Aimee Anderson, Missy Deascenti, Lisa Hershiser, and Patricia Inama Roda
    Título: Management/Administration
    Resumen: Using a Nursing Productivity Committee to Achieve Cost Savings and Improve Staffing Levels and Staff Satisfaction.

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    Autor/es: Caroline Arbour and Céline Gélinas
    Título: Ask the Expert
    Resumen: Setting Goals for Pain Management When Using a Behavioral Scale: Example with the Critical-Care Pain Observation Tool.

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    Autor/es: Andrea Mitchell
    Título: In Our Unit
    Resumen: Focusing on Mind, Body, and Spirit While Caring for Patients and Their Families.

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    Título: Book Reviews

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    Título: New Products

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    Título: Education Directory

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    Título: I Am a Critical Care Nurse