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Journal of Personality Disorders

2013, v. 26, n. 4

  • Página 481
    Autor/es: Van Manen J.G; Kamphuis J.H; Goosssensen
    Título: In Search of Patient Characteristic that May Guide Empirically Based Treatment Selection for Personality Disorder Patients A Concep Map Approach.

  • Página 498
    Autor/es: Adler Jonathan; Chin Erica; kolisetty Aiswarya; Et-all
    Título: The Distinguishing Characteristic of narrative Identity in Adults With Features of Borderline Personality Disorder:An Empirical Investigation.

  • Página 513
    Autor/es: Gaughan Eric; Miller Joshua: Lynam Donald
    Título: Examining the Utlity of General Models of Personality in the Study of Psychopathy:A Comparison of the Hexaco-Pi-R and Neo Pi-R.

  • Página 524
    Autor/es: Powers Abigail; Oltmanns Thomas
    Título: Personality Disorders and Physical Health: A Longitudinal Examination of Physical Functioning, Healthcare Utilization, and Health-Related Behaviors in Middle-Aged Adults.

  • Página 539
    Autor/es: Fonseca-Pedrero Eduardo; Lemos-Giráldez Serafín; Paino Mercedes; Sierra-Baigrie Susana; Muñiz José
    Título: Phenotypic Expression of Schizotypal Traits in an Adolescent Population.

  • Página 551
    Autor/es: Lai Ching; Leung Freedom; You Jianing; Et-all
    Título: Are DSM-IV-TR Borderline Personality Disorder, ICD-10 Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, and CCMD-III Impulsive Personality Disorder Analogous Diagnostic Categories Across Psychiatric Nomenclatures?.

  • Página 568
    Autor/es: Bales Dawn; Van Beek Nicole; Smits Maaike; Et-all
    Título: Treatment Outcome of 18-Month, Day Hospital Mentalization-Based Treatment(MBT) in Patients With Severe Borderline Personality Disorder in the Netherlands.

  • Página 583
    Autor/es: Drapeau Martin; Perry Christopher; Körner Annett
    Título: Interpersonal Patterns in Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Página 593
    Autor/es: Feenstra Dine; Hutsebaut Joost; Laurenssen Elisabeth; Et-all
    Título: The Burden of Disease Among Adolescents With Personality Pathology: Quality of Life and Costs.

  • Página 605
    Autor/es: Reitz Sarah; Krause-Utz Annegret; Pogatzki Esther; Et.all
    Título: Stress Regulations and Incisión in Borderline Personality Disorder-A Pilot Study Modeling Cutting Behavior.

  • Página 616
    Autor/es: Hirsh Jacob; Quilty Lena; Bagby Michael: Et-all
    Título: The Relationship Between Agreeableness and the Development of the Working Alliance in Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Página 628
    Autor/es: Schuppert Marieke; Bloo Josephine; Minderaa Ruud; Et-all
    Título: Psychometric Evaluation of the Borderline Personality Disorder Severuty Index-IV-Adolescent versión and parents versión.