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International and Comparative Law Quarterly

2012, v. 61, n. 4

  • Página 791
    Autor/es: Claude Chase
    Título: Norm Conflict Between WTO Covered Agreements-Real, Apparent or Avoided?

  • Página 823
    Autor/es: Arif Bulkan
    Título: Disentangling the Sources and Nature of Indigenous Rights: A Critical Examination of Cammon Law Jurisprudence.

  • Página 855
    Autor/es: Ming-Sung Kuo
    Título: From Administrative Law to Administrative Legitimation? Transnational Administrative Law and the Process of European Integration.

  • Página 881
    Autor/es: Janeen Carruthers
    Título: Party Autonomy in the Legal regulation of Adult Relationships: What Place for Party Choice in Private International Law?

  • Página 915
    Autor/es: Jean Allain and Robin Hickey
    Título: Property and the Definition of Slavery.

  • Página 939
    Autor/es: Stephen Bouwhuis
    Título: The Role of an International Legal Adviser to Government.

  • Página 961
    Autor/es: Jamie Trinidad
    Título: An Evaluation of Morocco's Claims to Spain's Remaining Territories.

  • Página 977
    Autor/es: Andrea Gattini
    Título: Between Splendid Isolation and Tentative Imperialism: The EU's Extension of its Emission Trading Scheme to International Aviation and the ECJ's Judgment in the ATA Case

  • Página 991
    Autor/es: Robert Lane
    Título: Competition Law

  • Página 1007
    Autor/es: Lorna Gillies
    Título: Jurisdiction for Cross-Border Breach of Personality and Defamation: Edate Advertising and Martinez.

  • Página 1017
    Título: Law in Many Societies: A Reader Lawrence M Friedman, Rogelio Perez Perdomo and Manuel Gomez (David Nelken)

  • Página 1022
    Título: Foreing Investment and dispute resolution Law and Practice in Asia Vivienne Bath and Luke Nottage (Leon Trakman)

  • Página 1024
    Título: The Role of Labour Standards in Development-From Theory to Sustainable Practice? Tonia Novitz and David Mangan (Rebecca Zahn)

  • Página 1027
    Título: Books Received