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Journal of Media Economics

2012, v. 25, n. 4

  • Página 179
    Título: In Memoriam

  • Página 181
    Título: Journal of Media Economics Award of Honor 2012

  • Página 182
    Autor/es: Hugh J. Martin and Nodir Adilov
    Título: Editors' Preface: Changing Patterns of Demand for Magazines and Film, Valuing Television Audiences and Video Game Start-Ups

  • Página 184
    Autor/es: Ulrich Kaiser and Hans Christian Kongsted
    Título: Magazine “Companion Websites” and the Demand for Newsstand Sales and Subscriptions

  • Página 198
    Autor/es: W. D. Walls and Jordi McKenzie
    Título: The Changing Role of Hollywood in the Global Movie Market

  • Página 220
    Autor/es: Jonas Häckner and Sten Nyberg
    Título: Every Viewer has a Price: On the Differentiation of TV Channels

  • Página 244
    Autor/es: Changsok Yoo, Dongwoo Yang, Huykang Kim and Eunnyeong Heo
    Título: Key Value Drivers of Startup Companies in the New Media Industry—The Case of Online Games in Korea