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Library Trends

2013, v. 62, n. 1

  • Página 1
    Autor/es: Kate Williams
    Título: Introduction

  • Página 13
    Autor/es: Lai Maosheng , Fan Zhenjia ,and Zhang Lili
    Título: The Development, Current State, and Effects of Community Informatization in Mainland China

  • Página 34
    Autor/es: Yu Liangzhi ,and Yu Binbin
    Título: The Top-Down Approach to Providing ICT Access to Rural Communities in China: Opportunities for Community Informatics

  • Página 63
    Autor/es: Zhang Pengyi
    Título: Social Inclusion or Exclusion?: When Weibo (Microblogging) Meets the "New Generation" of Rural Migrant Workers

  • Página 81
    Autor/es: Chung-tai Cheng
    Título: The Flow of Information as Empowerment and the Changing Social Networking Landscape in Rural China

  • Página 95
    Autor/es: Tian Rui
    Título: Farmers' Reading Rooms and Information and Communications Technology in Rural Areas of Beijing

  • Página 105
    Autor/es: Huo Ran , and Wei Qunyi
    Título: Community Informatics in Chongqing: A Case Study of the Real-Name and ID Requirement Policy in the Chinese Railway System

  • Página 121
    Autor/es: Jack Linchuan Qiu
    Título: Cybercafés in China: Community Access beyond Gaming and Tight Government Control

  • Página 140
    Autor/es: Christopher Peter Clarke, Su Hui ,and Ruan Li
    Título: Three Digital Platforms: Hangzhou Public Library Widens Access to Resources

  • Página 160
    Autor/es: Wang Zizhou , Yin Peili and Wu Hanhua
    Título: Private Libraries in China: Their Diversity, Informatization, and Role as Public Spaces

  • Página 180
    Autor/es: Lian Ruan , and Zhu Qiang
    Título: The Role of Information Technology in Academic Libraries' Resource Sharing in Western China

  • Página 205
    Autor/es: Wei Zhipeng Jiang Guodong ;, Niu Tuowen , Tim Zou ;, Elaine Dong
    Título: A Tale of Two Counties: How Two School Libraries in Rural Western China Serve Local Needs

  • Página 234
    Autor/es: Yan Hui, and Zhou Wenjie, and Han Shenglong
    Título: Social Capital, Digital Inequality, and a "Glocal" Community Informatics Project in Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, Gansu Province