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Clinical Psychology: Science and practice.

2014, v. 19, n. 3

  • Página 217
    Autor/es: W. Edward Craighead
    Título: Editor's Introduction

  • Página 218
    Autor/es: B. Christopher Frueh, Carl W. Lejuez and Deborah C. Beidel
    Título: You have full text access to this content Introduction to the Special Issue on Psychopathological Posttraumatic Reactions

  • Página 220
    Autor/es: Richard J. McNally
    Título: The Ontology of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Natural Kind, Social Construction, or Causal System?

  • Página 229
    Autor/es: Carla Sharp, Peter Fonagy and Jon G. Allen
    Título: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Social-Cognitive Perspective

  • Página 241
    Autor/es: Loretta S. Malta
    Título: Allostasis: The Emperor of All (Trauma-Related) Maladies

  • Página 260
    Autor/es: Kate Walsh, Sandro Galea and Karestan C. Koenen
    Título: Mechanisms Underlying Sexual Violence Exposure and Psychosocial Sequelae: A Theoretical and Empirical Review

  • Página 276
    Autor/es: Jon D. Elhai and James A. Naifeh
    Título: The Missing Link: A Call for More Rigorous PTSD Assessment Procedures

  • Página 283
    Autor/es: Jenna L. McCauley, Therese Killeen, Daniel F. Gros, Kathleen T. Brady and Sudie E. Back
    Título: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders: Advances in Assessment and Treatment

  • Página 305
    Autor/es: Leslie A. Morland, Allison R. Love, Margaret-Anne Mackintosh, Carolyn J. Greene and Craig S. Rosen
    Título: Treating Anger and Aggression in Military Populations: Research Updates and Clinical Implications