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Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics

2012, v. 27, n. 1

  • Página 8
    Autor/es: M.L. Deng & W.Q. Zhu (China)
    Título: Stochastic energy transition of peptide bond under the action of hydrolytic enzyme

  • Página 14
    Autor/es: M.F. Dimentberg, A. Hera (USA) & A. Naess ( Norway)
    Título: Short-term instability in stochastic systems

  • Página 19
    Autor/es: J. Li, Q. Yan & J.B. Chen (China)
    Título: Stochastic modeling of engineering dynamic excitations for stochastic dynamics of structures

  • Página 29
    Autor/es: Z.H. Liu & W.Q. Zhu (China)
    Título: Time-delay stochastic optimal control and stabilization of quasi-integrable Hamiltonian systems

  • Página 35
    Autor/es: S. Narayanan & P. Kumar (India)
    Título: Numerical solutions of Fokker-Planck equation of nonlinear systems subjected to random and harmonic excitations

  • Página 47
    Autor/es: K. Sobczyk & P. Hotobut (Poland)
    Título: Information-theoretic approach to dynamics of stochastic systems

  • Página 57
    Autor/es: P.D. Spanos & I.A. Kougioumtzoglou (USA)
    Título: Harmonic wavelets based statistical linearization for response evolutionary power spectrum determination

  • Página 69
    Autor/es: J.Q. Sun & B. Song (USA)
    Título: Solutions of the FPK equation for time-delayed dynamical systems with the continuous time approximation method

  • Página 75
    Autor/es: C.W.S. To (USA)
    Título: Response analysis of nonlinear multi-degree-of-freedom systems with uncertain properties to non-Gaussian random excitations

  • Página 82
    Autor/es: W.V. Wedig (Germany)
    Título: Digital simulation of road-vehicle systems