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Political Communication

2013, v. 29, n. 4

  • Página 347
    Autor/es: Boczkowski Pablo; Mitchelstein Eugenia; Walter Martín
    Título: When Burglar Alarms Sound, Do Monitorial Citizens Pay Attention to Them?

  • Página 367
    Autor/es: Swigger Nathaniel
    Título: What you See is What you Get:Drawing Inferences From Campaign Imagery.

  • Página 387
    Autor/es: Krupnikov Yanna
    Título: Negative Advertising and Voter Choice:The Role of Ads in Candidate Selection.

  • Página 414
    Autor/es: Richey Sean; Taylor Benjamin
    Título: Who Advocates?Determinants of Political Advocacy in Presidential Election Years.

  • Página 428
    Autor/es: Glazier Rebeca; Boydstun Amber
    Título: The President, the Press, and the War: A Tale of two Framing Agendas.

  • Página 447
    Autor/es: Blanton Hart; Strauts Erin; Perez Marisol
    Título: Partisan Identification as a Predictor of Cortisol Responce to Election News.

  • Página 461
    Autor/es: Ladd Jonathan
    Título: Why Americans Hate the Media and How It Matters.

  • Página 463
    Autor/es: Bimber Bruce; Flanagin Andrew; Stohl Cynthia
    Título: Collective Action in Organizations:Interaction and Engagement in an Era of Technological Change

  • Página 466
    Autor/es: Beckett Charlie; Ball James
    Título: Wikileaks:News in the Networked Era.