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News Photographer

2014, v. 69, n. 4

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    Título: Editorial

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    Título: President's Message

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    Título: Editor's Notebook

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    Título: Multimedia Moments

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    Título: Common Cents

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    Título: News Briefs & Awards

  • Página 25
    Título: Lighting 3,000 People. Known for his powerful portraits, Gregory Heisler usually uses just one light in his striking images. But this time on a Boston street, he used two.

  • Página 45
    Autor/es: John Tlumacki
    Título: Boston Strong. Returning to the Boston Marathon bombing site with some of the victims one year later eases the sadness for photographer John Tlumacki, he writes.

  • Página 48
    Título: Testament. A new book posthumously assembles Chris Hondro's best photographs and writings from a decade of conflict in a collection organized by Getty picture editors.