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Public Opinion Quarterly

2012, v. 76, n. 2

  • Página 193
    Autor/es: Jeffery J. Mondak and Jon Hurwitz
    Título: Examining the Terror Exception: Terrorism and Commitments to Civil Liberties

  • Página 214
    Autor/es: Andy Peytchev
    Título: Multiple Imputation for Unit Nonresponse and Measurement Error

  • Página 238
    Autor/es: Marc N. Elliott, W. Sherman Edwards, David J. Klien, and Amy Heller
    Título: Differences by Survey Language and Mode among Chinese Respondents to a CAHPS Health Plan Survey

  • Página 265
    Autor/es: Ian Brunton-Smith, Patrick Sturgis, and Joel Williams
    Título: Is Success in Obtaining Contact and Cooperation Correlated With the Magnitude of Interviewer Variance?

  • Página 287
    Autor/es: Peter K. Enns, Paul M. Kellstedt, and Gregory E. McAvory
    Título: The Consequences of Partisanship in Economic Perceptions

  • Página 311
    Autor/es: Jennifer Dykema, Kerryann DiLoreto, Jessica L. Price, Eric White, and Nora Cate Schaeffer
    Título: ACASI Gender-of-Interviewer Voice Effects on Reports to Questions about Sensitive Behaviors Among Young Adults

  • Página 326
    Autor/es: Michael P. McDonald and Matthew P. Thornburg
    Título: Interview Mode Effects: The Case of Exit Polls and Early Voting

  • Página 350
    Autor/es: Markus Prior
    Título: Who Watches Presidential Debates?: Measurement Problems in Campaign Effects Research

  • Página 364
    Autor/es: Dawn Michelle Baunach
    Título: Changing Same-Sex Marriage Attitudes in America from 1988 Through 2010

  • Página 379
    Autor/es: Rebecca Jacobsen and Andrew Saultz
    Título: The Polls—Trends: Who Should Control Education?

  • Página 391
    Autor/es: Jonathan M. Ladd. Reviewed by kevin Arceneaux
    Título: Why Americans Hate the Media and How It Matters

  • Página 394
    Autor/es: Ole R. Holsti. Reviewed by Gary C. Jacobson
    Título: American Public Opinion on the Iraq War.

  • Página 396
    Autor/es: Natalie Jomini Stroud. Reviewed by Martin Johnson
    Título: Niche News: The Politics of News Choice.

  • Página 400

  • Página 401
    Título: Manuscript Referees, 2011