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Journal of Consumer Research

2012, v. 39, n. 3

  • Página 445
    Autor/es: Kimberlee Weaver, Stephen M. Garcia, and Norbert Schwarz
    Título: The Presenter’s Paradox

  • Página 461
    Autor/es: Michel Tuan Pham, Leonard Lee, and Andrew T. Stephen
    Título: Feeling the Future: The Emotional Oracle Effect

  • Página 478
    Autor/es: Christina I. Anthony and Elizabeth Cowley
    Título: The Labor of Lies: How Lying for Material Rewards Polarizes Consumers’ Outcome Satisfaction

  • Página 493
    Autor/es: Minjung Koo and Ayelet Fishbach
    Título: The Small-Area Hypothesis: Effects of Progress Monitoring on Goal Adherence

  • Página 510
    Autor/es: Fleura Bardhi, Giana M. Eckhardt, and Eric J. Arnould
    Título: Liquid Relationship to Possessions

  • Página 530
    Autor/es: Jaehoon Lee and L. J. Shrum
    Título: Conspicuous Consumption versus Charitable Behavior in Response to Social Exclusion: A Differential Needs Explanation

  • Página 545
    Autor/es: Eesha Sharma and Adam L. Alter
    Título: Financial Deprivation Prompts Consumers to Seek Scarce Goods

  • Página 561
    Autor/es: Cindy Chan, Jonah Berger, and Leaf Van Boven
    Título: Identifiable but Not Identical: Combining Social Identity and Uniqueness Motives in Choice

  • Página 574
    Autor/es: Fabrizio Di Muro and Kyle B. Murray
    Título: An Arousal Regulation Explanation of Mood Effects on Consumer Choice

  • Página 585
    Autor/es: Jonathan Levav, Nicholas Reinholtz, and Claire Lin
    Título: The Effect of Ordering Decisions by Choice-Set Size on Consumer Search

  • Página 600
    Autor/es: Amy N. Dalton and Stephen A. Spiller
    Título: Too Much of a Good Thing: The Benefits of Implementation Intentions Depend on the Number of Goals

  • Página 615
    Autor/es: Andrew E. Wilson and Peter R. Darke
    Título: The Optimistic Trust Effect: Use of Belief in a Just World to Cope with Decision-Generated Threat

  • Página 629
    Autor/es: Paul Rozin, Julia M. Hormes, Myles S. Faith, and Brian Wansink
    Título: Is Meat Male? A Quantitative Multimethod Framework to Establish Metaphoric Relationships

  • Página 644
    Autor/es: Aner Sela, S. Christian Wheeler, and Gülen Sarial-Abi
    Título: We Are Not the Same as You and I: Causal Effects of Minor Language Variations on Consumers’ Attitudes toward Brands