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Middle School Journal

2014, v. 45, n. 3

  • Página 2
    Autor/es: Dan Bauer & Joanne Previts
    Título: EDITOR'S COLUMN Catalysts that Initiate Active, Substantive, Precise Transformations

  • Página 3
    Autor/es: Cheryl R. Ellerbrock & Sarah M. Kiefer
    Título: Supporting Young Adolescents' Middle-to-High-School Transition by Creating a Ninth Grade Community of Care: Implications for Middle Grades Educators

  • Página 11
    Autor/es: Jesse White
    Título: Seeking to Expand Middle Level Success to All Students: A Not-So-Secret Recipe

  • Página 19
    Autor/es: Rajini Shankar-Brown & Benjamin Brown
    Título: Today's Vodcast: Sunny and Clear, with an Increased Chance of Learning

  • Página 26
    Autor/es: Karen Nitzkin, Tami Katzir, & Sarah Shulkind
    Título: Improving Reading Comprehension One Word at a Time...