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Hospital topics

2013, v. 90, n. 3

  • Página 57
    Autor/es: Spooner Nicholas; Hurst Stephen: Khadra Mohamed
    Título: Medical Simulation Technology: Educational Overview, Industry Leaders, and What´s Missing.

  • Página 65
    Autor/es: Holstein Russell; Paul David
    Título: Phantom Networks´of Managed Behavioral Health Providers: An Empirical Study of Their Existence and Effect on Patients in two New Jersey Counties.

  • Página 74
    Autor/es: Kegans Loyd; Mc Camey Randy; Hammond Honor
    Título: Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Work Experience.

  • Página 82
    Autor/es: Fitzpatrick Peter; Duley Susan
    Título: Lack of Access in Healthcare Delivery: A Model for Using Dental Hygienists in a Cost Effective Manner to Help Address the Oral Healthcare Problem.