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2006, v. 43, n. 4

  • Página 587
    Autor/es: Palloni, Alberto.
    Título: Reproducing Inequalities: Luck, Wallets, and the Enduring Effects of Childhood Health.

  • Página 617
    Autor/es: Short, Susan; Goldscheider, Frances; Torr, Berna.
    Título: Less help for mother: The decline in coresidential Female Support for the Mothers of Young Children, 1880-2000.

  • Página 631
    Autor/es: Preston, Samuel; Wang, Haidong.
    Título: Sex Mortality Differences in the United States: The role of Cohort Smoking Patterns.

  • Página 647
    Autor/es: Smith, David; Bradshaw, Benjamin.
    Título: Variation in Life Expectancy during the Twentieth Century in the United States.

  • Página 659
    Autor/es: Cunningham, Mick; Thornton, Arland.
    Título: The Influence of Parents’ Marital Quality on Adult Children’s Attitudes Toward Marriage and Its Alternatives: Main and Moderating Effects.

  • Página 673
    Autor/es: Gullickson, Aaron.
    Título: Education and Black-White Interracial Marriage.

  • Página 691
    Autor/es: Duncan, Greg; Wilkerson, Bessie; England, Paula.
    Título: Cleaning Up Their Act: The Effects of Marriage and Cohabitation on Licit and Illicit drug Use.

  • Página 711
    Autor/es: Jampaklay, Aree.
    Título: How does Leaving Home Affect Marital Timing? An Event-History Analysis of Health and safety.

  • Página 727
    Autor/es: Bengtsson, Tommy; Dribe, Martin.
    Título: Deliberate control in a Natural Fertility Population: Southern Sweden. 1766 - 1864.

  • Página 747
    Autor/es: Guo, Guang; Tong, Yuying.
    Título: Age at First Sexual Intercourse, Genes, and Social Context: Evidence from twins and the Dopamine D4 Receptor Gene.