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American Journal of Alternative Agriculture

2003, v. 18, n. 4

  • Página 174-184
    Autor/es: Carnes, Laura M.; Karsten, Heather.
    Título: Building diverse community networks for sustainable food systems: Guiding philosophies of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.

  • Página 185-195
    Autor/es: Guèye, E.F.
    Título: Gender issues in family poulty production systems in low-income food-deficit countries.

  • Página 196-205
    Autor/es: Alhamidi, Sameer K.;Hakansoon, Bengt; Gustafsson, Mats.
    Título: Economic viability of the traditional farming system in the Ghouta, Oasis of Damascus, Syria.

  • Página 206-212
    Autor/es: Badgley, Catherine.
    Título: The farmer as conservationist.

  • Página 213-224
    Autor/es: Brown, Cheryl.
    Título: Consumer's preferences for locally produced: A study in southeast Missouri.