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Mining Magazine

2006, v. 194, n. 1

  • Página 8
    Título: MINE OF THE MONTH: Collahuasi
    Resumen: The world's fourth-Iargest correr mine is growing following the announcement of two new developments

  • Página 11
    Título: EQUIPMENT: Surveying
    Resumen: Because of the importance of controlling ore grades and operating costs, the accurate measuring of locations and volumes is crucial

  • Página 14
    Título: Underground metal mining
    Resumen: Underground operations are almost inevitably more problematic than comparable work on the surface, and the equipment needs to be correspondingly robust, flexible and compact

  • Página 18
    Título: INTERN'L EQUIPMENT AWARDS alter 18

  • Página 19
    Título: MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: Weather alerts
    Resumen: There is an increased awareness about the benefits of knowing what is coming on the weather front

  • Página 21
    Título: CORRESPONDENCE: On the record
    Resumen: An interview with Philippe Etienne, chief executive of Orica Mining Services, following the recent acquisition of Dyno Nobel

  • Página 24
    Título: IN THE SPOTLlGHT
    Resumen: Mining developments in Chile and Cate d'lvoire

  • Página 28
    Título: MARKET PLACE
    Resumen: Metals and currencies: the movers and shakers

  • Página 30
    Resumen: This month we examine the supply and demand for gold and vanadium