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Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems

2008, v. 22, n. 4

  • Página 241-245
    Autor/es: Etela, I.; Kalio, G.A.; Monsi, A.; Ezieshi, E.V.
    Título: Feed intake, growth rate and some anatomical characteristics of broilers fed commercial diets supplemented with green feeds

  • Página 246-259
    Autor/es: Peruzzi, Andrea; Ginnanni, Marco; Fontanelli, Marco; Raffaelli, Michele; Barberi, Paolo
    Título: Innovative strategies for on-farm weed management in organic carrot

  • Página 260-270
    Autor/es: Oakley, Emily; Zhang, Minghua; Miller, Paul Richard
    Título: Mining pesticide use data to identify best management practices

  • Página 271-281
    Autor/es: Gruver, J.B.; Weil, R.R.
    Título: Farmer perceptions of soil quality and their relationship to management-sensitive soil parameters

  • Página 282-289
    Autor/es: Macombe, Catherine
    Título: Work: A necessary sacrifice or a suffered chore? Labor and farm continuity in alternative agriculture in France

  • Página 290-296
    Autor/es: Guthiga, P.M.; Karugia, J.T.; Nyikal, R.A.
    Título: Does use of draft animal power increase economic efficiency of smallholder farms in Kenya?

  • Página 297-306
    Autor/es: Jimenez, María; Van Der veken, Lieselot; Neirynck, Heleen; Rodriguez, Helga; Ruiz, Omar; Swennen, Rony
    Título: Organic banana production in Ecuador: Its implications on black Sigatoka development and plant–soil nutritional status

  • Página 307-315
    Autor/es: Ros, Margarita; García, Carlos; Hernandez, María Teresa
    Título: Evaluation of different pig slurry composts as fertilizer of horticultural crops: Effects on selected chemical and microbial properties