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Antitrust Bulletin

2013, v. 57, n. 2

  • Página 195
    Autor/es: Raju Parakkal
    Título: Guest Editor’s Introduction

  • Página 207
    Autor/es: Francisco Ribeiro Todorov and Marcelo Maciel Torres Filho
    Título: History of Competition Policy in Brazil, 1930–2010

  • Página 259
    Autor/es: Lawrence S. Liu
    Título: All About Fair Trade? Competition Law in Taiwan and East Asian Economic Development

  • Página 303
    Autor/es: Umut Aydin
    Título: Between Domestic Factors and the EU: Explaining the Emergence of the Turkish Competition Regime

  • Página 337
    Autor/es: Thomas Doleys
    Título: Promoting Competition Policy Abroad: European Union Efforts in the Developing World

  • Página 367
    Autor/es: Charles J. Romeo and Aran Canes
    Título: A Theory of Quality Competition in Newspaper Joint Operating Agreements