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Journal of International Marketing

2014, v. 20, n. 3

  • Página 1
    Autor/es: Ruby P. Lee and Kevin Zheng Zhou
    Título: Is Product Imitation Good for Firm Performance? An Examination of Product Imitation Types and Contingency Factors

  • Página 17
    Autor/es: Vishal Bindroo, Babu John Mariadoss, and Rajani Ganesh Pillai
    Título: Customer Clusters as Sources of Innovation-Based Competitive Advantage

  • Página 34
    Autor/es: Wesley J. Johnston, Shadab Khalil, Megha Jain, and Julian Ming-Sung Cheng
    Título: Determinants of Joint Action in International Channels of Distribution: The Moderating Role of Psychic Distance

  • Página 50
    Autor/es: Janet Y. Murray, Min Ju, and Gerald Yong Gao
    Título: Foreign Market Entry Timing Revisited: Trade-Off Between Market Share Performance and Firm Survival

  • Página 65
    Autor/es: Christopher Williams and Candace A. Martinez
    Título: Government Effectiveness, the Global Financial Crisis, and Multinational Enterprise Internationalization