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Journal of Infrastucture Systems

2011, v. 17, n. 4

  • Página 137
    Autor/es: Chris Hendrickson, Sue McNeil, P.E., Gang-Len Chang, and Anil Agrawal
    Título: EDITORIAL Conference Papers and Prior Publication

  • Página 138
    Autor/es: James Winkler, Leonardo Dueñas-Osorio, Robert Stein, and Devika Subramanian
    Título: Interface Network Models for Complex Urban Infrastructure Systems

  • Página 151
    Autor/es: Wenping Xu, Liu Hong, Ligang He, Shuliang Wang, and Xueguang Chen
    Título: Supply-Driven Dynamic Inoperability Input-Output Price Model for Interdependent Infrastructure Systems

  • Página 163
    Autor/es: Krishna B. Khatri, Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy, and Edward Akinyemi
    Título: Framework for Computing a Performance Index for Urban Infrastructure Systems Using a Fuzzy Set Approach

  • Página 176
    Autor/es: Liyin Shen, Weisheng Lu, Yi Peng, and Shijie Jiang
    Título: Critical Assessment Indicators for Measuring Benefits of Rural Infrastructure Investment in China

  • Página 184
    Autor/es: Anna C. Y. Li, Ningxiong Xu, Linda Nozick, and Rachel Davidson
    Título: Bilevel Optimization for Integrated Shelter Location Analysis and Transportation Planning for Hurricane Events

  • Página 193
    Autor/es: Alexander T. Dale, Melissa M. Bilec, Joe Marriott, Douglas Hartley, Cassie Jurgens, and Eric Zatcoff
    Título: Preliminary Comparative Life-Cycle Impacts of Streetlight Technology

  • Página 200
    Autor/es: Panagiotis Ch. Anastasopoulos, Samuel Labi, Matthew G. Karlaftis, and Fred L. Mannering
    Título: Exploratory State-Level Empirical Assessment of Pavement Performance

  • Página 216
    Autor/es: Wenxing Zhou
    Título: Reliability Evaluation of Corroding Pipelines Considering Multiple Failure Modes and Time-Dependent Internal Pressure

  • Página 225
    Título: REVIEWERS