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Journal of Transportation Engineering

2012, v. 137, n. 12

  • Página 841
    Autor/es: George Kanellaidis and Sophia Vardaki
    Título: Highway Geometric Design from the Perspective of Recent Safety Developments

  • Página 845
    Autor/es: Mehmet Egemen Ozbek and Jesús M. de la Garza
    Título: Comprehensive Evaluation of Virginia Department of Transportation’s Experience with its First Performance-Based Road-Maintenance Contract

  • Página 855
    Autor/es: Kelvin C. P. Wang, Qiang Li, Kevin D. Hall, Vu Nguyen and Danny X. Xiao
    Título: Development of Truck Loading Groups for the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide

  • Página 863
    Autor/es: Arash Rezaei, Eyad Masad and Arif Chowdhury
    Título: Development of a Model for Asphalt Pavement Skid Resistance Based on Aggregate Characteristics and Gradation

  • Página 874
    Autor/es: Filippo Merusi, Felice Giuliani, Sara Filippi, Pietro Moggi, and Giovanni Polacco
    Título: Kerosene-Resistant Asphalt Binders Based on Nonconventional Modification

  • Página 882
    Autor/es: W. A. Elsaigh, J. M. Robberts, and E. P. Kearsley
    Título: Modeling the Behavior of Steel-Fiber Reinforced Concrete Ground Slabs. I: Development of Material Model

  • Página 889
    Autor/es: W. A. Elsaigh, E. P. Kearsley, and J. M. Robberts
    Título: Modeling the Behavior of Steel-Fiber Reinforced Concrete Ground Slabs. II: Development of Slab Model

  • Página 897
    Autor/es: Erdem Coleri and John T. Harvey
    Título: Evaluation of Laboratory, Construction, and Performance Variability by Bootstrapping and Monte Carlo Methods for Rutting Performance Prediction of Heavy Vehicle Simulator Test Sections

  • Página 907
    Autor/es: Muhannad T. Suleiman, Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan and John T. Kevern
    Título: Structural Response of Pervious Concrete Pavement Systems Using Falling Weight Deflectometer Testing and Analysis

  • Página 918
    Autor/es: Francisco Daniel B. de Albuquerque, Dean L. Sicking, Ronald K. Faller and Karla A. Lechtenberg
    Título: Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Roadside Culvert Treatments

  • Página 926
    Autor/es: Henrik Andersson and Mikael Ögren
    Título: Noise Charges in Road Traffic: Pricing Schedule Based on the Marginal Cost Principle

  • Página 934
    Autor/es: Ye Jianhong and Chen Xiaohong
    Título: Optimal Measurement Interval for Pedestrian Traffic Flow Modeling

  • Página 944
    Autor/es: Jie Yu, Yue Liu, Gang-Len Chang, Wanjing Ma, and Xiaoguang Yang
    Título: Locating Urban Transit Hubs: Multicriteria Model and Case Study in China

  • Página 953
    Autor/es: Borja Alonso, José Luis Moura, Angel Ibeas, and Francisco José Ruisánchez
    Título: Public Transport Line Assignment Model to Dual-Berth Bus Stops

  • Página 962
    Autor/es: Hugo M. Repolho, António P. Antunes, and Richard L. Church
    Título: Optimization Models for the Location of Motorway Interchanges: Concessionaires’ Perspective

  • Página 971
    Autor/es: I. Gallego, J. Muñoz, A. Rivas, and S. Sánchez-Cambronero
    Título: Vertical Track Stiffness as a New Parameter Involved in Designing High-Speed Railway Infrastructure

  • Página 980
    Autor/es: J. Md Diah, M. Y. Abdul Rahman, M. A. Adnan, and K. Hooi Ling
    Título: Modeling the Relationship between Geometric Design and Weaving Section Flow Process of Conventional Roundabouts

  • Página 987
    Título: Reviewers