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Pharmacy Practice

2009, v. 7, n. 4

  • Página 142-247
    Autor/es: Durga Bista, Archana Saha, Pranaya Mishra, Subish Palalain, Pathiyil R. Shankar.
    Título: Impact of educational intervention on the pattern and incidence of potential drug-drug interactions in Nepal.

  • Página 185-194
    Autor/es: Lotte S. Haugbolle; Hanne Herborg.
    Título: Adherence to treatment: practice, education and research in Danish community pharmacy.

  • Página 195-204
    Autor/es: Susan Taylor, Fleur Hourihan, Ines Krass, Carol Armour.
    Título: Measuring consumer preference for models of diabetes care delivered by pharmacists.

  • Página 205-212
    Autor/es: Jennifer J. Schimmer, Sarah J. Billups, Thomas Delate.
    Título: Beta-blocker therapy in patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction and chronic obstructive lung disease in an ambulatory care setting.

  • Página 213-217
    Autor/es: Amy N. Thompson, Kelly R. Ragucci, Joli D. Fermo, Heather P. Whitley.
    Título: Evaluation of patient perceptions and outcomes related to anticoagulation point-of-care testing in ambulatory care clinics.

  • Página 218-227
    Autor/es: Olayinka O. Shiyanbola, Karen B. Farris, Julie M. Urmie, William R. Doucette.
    Título: Risk factors of self-reported adverse drug events among Medicare enrollees before and after Medicare Part D.

  • Página 228-237
    Autor/es: Anna Volodina, Sylvia Sax, Stuart Anderson.
    Título: Corporate social responsibility in countries with mature and emerging pharmaceutical sectors.

  • Página 238-241
    Autor/es: Pauline Norris, Chia E. Chong, Anita Chou, Tao-Hsuan Hsu, Chia C. Lee, Christine Kuei-Lien Su,Yunxiu Wang.
    Título: Knowledge and reported use of antibiotics amongst school-teachers in New Zealand.

  • Página 248-253
    Autor/es: Fallon Enfinger, Kendall Campbell, James R. Taylor.
    Título: Collaboration with pharmacy services in a family practice for the medically Underserved.