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Developmental Psychology

2011, v. 47, n. 1

  • Página 1-8
    Autor/es: Hoppmann, A. Christiane; Gerstorf, Denis; Willis, L. Sherry; Schaie, Warner, K.
    Título: Spousal Interrelations in Happiness in the Seattle Longitudinal Study: Consoderable Similarities in Levels and Change Over Time.
    Resumen: Development does not take place in isolation and is often interrelated with close others such as marital partners. To examine interrelations in spousal happiness across midlife and old age, we used 35-year longitudinal data from both members of 178 marrie

  • Página 9-18
    Autor/es: Infurna, J. Frank; Gerstorf, Denis; Zarit, H. Steven.
    Título: Examining Dynamic Links Between Perceived Control and Health: Longitudinal Evidence for Differential Effects in Midlife and Old Age.
    Resumen: Perceived control and health are often closely linked in adulthood and old age. Little is known, however, about their time-ordered interplay at various phases of adult life.

  • Página 19-25
    Autor/es: Schachner, Adena; Hannon, E. Erin.
    Título: Infant-Directed Speech Drives Social Preferences in 5-Month-Old Infants.
    Resumen: Adults across cultures speak to infants in a specific infant-directed manner. We asked whether infants use this manner of speech (infant- or adult-directed) to guide their subsequent visual preferences for social partners.

  • Página 26-38
    Autor/es: Wang, Su-hua.
    Título: Priming 4.5-Month-Old Infants to Use Height Information by Enchancing Retrieval.
    Resumen: How do infants select and use information that is relevant to the task at hand? Infants treat events that involve different spatial relations as distinct, and their selection and use of object information depends on the type of event they encounter.

  • Página 39-49
    Autor/es: Evans, D. Angela; Xu, Fen; Lee, Kang.
    Título: When All Signs Point to You: Lies Told in the Face of Evidence.
    Resumen: Young children's ability to tell a strategic lie by making it consistent was investigated along with the sociocognitive correlates of such lie-telling behaviors.

  • Página 50-60
    Autor/es: Honomichl, D. Ryan; Chen, Zhe.
    Título: The Role of Attention in the Dimensional Change Card Sort Task.
    Resumen: Preschoolers are typically unable to switch sorting rules during the Dimensional Change Card Sort task. One explanation for this phenomenon is attentional inflexibility (Kirkham, cruess, & Diamond, 2003).

  • Página 61-66
    Autor/es: Ahern, C. Elizabeth; Lyon, D. Thomas; Quas, Jodi, A.
    Título: Young Children's Emerging Ability to Make False Statements.
    Resumen: This study examined the origins of children's ability to make consciously false statements, a necessary component of lying.

  • Página 67-76
    Autor/es: Gratier, Maya; Devouche, Emmanuel.
    Título: Imitation and Repetition of Prosodic Contour in Vocal Interaction at 3 Months.
    Resumen: This study investigates vocal imitation of prosodic contour in ongoing spontaneous interaction with 10- to 13-week-old infants.

  • Página 77-90
    Autor/es: Kalcher-Sommersguter, Elfriede; Preuschoft, Signe; Crailssheim, Karl; Franz, Cornelia.
    Título: Social Competence of Adult Chimpanzes (Pan troglodytes) Witrh Severe Deprivation History: I. Am Individual Approach.
    Resumen: Early social deprivation in higly social mammals interferes with their varying needs for security and stimulation.

  • Página 91-105
    Autor/es: Poehlmann, Julie; Schwichtenberg, Miller, J. A.; Bolt
    Título: Infant Physiological Regulation and Maternal Risks as Predictors of Dyadic Interaction Trajectories in Families With a Preterm Infant.
    Resumen: This longitudinal study examined predictors of rates of growth in dyadic interaction quality in children born pretern who did not experience significant neurological findings during neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) hospitalization.

  • Página 106-118
    Autor/es: Jia, Rongfang; Schoppe-Sullivan, J. Sarah.
    Título: Relations Between Coparenting and Father Involvement in Families With Preschool-Age Children.
    Resumen: A sample (N= 112) composed primarily of European American and middle-class two-parent families with a resident father and a 4-year-old child (48% girls) participated in a longitudinal study of associations between coparenting and father involvement.

  • Página 119-133
    Autor/es: Wade, L. Shari; Cassedy, Amy; Walz, C. Nicolay; Taylor, Gerry, H.; Stancin, Terry; Yeates, Owen, Keith.
    Título: The Relationship of Parental Warm Responsiveness and Negativity to Emerging Behavior Problems Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Young Children.
    Resumen: Parenting behaviors play a critical role in the child's behavioral development, particularly for children with neurological deficits.

  • Página 134-152
    Autor/es: Zhai, Fuhua; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne; Waldfoget, Jane.
    Título: Head Start and Urban Children's School Readiness: A Birth Cohort Study in 18 Cities.
    Resumen: We used longitudinal data from a birth cohort study, the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study, to investigate the links between Head Start and school readiness in a large and large and diverse sample of urban children at age 5 (N= 2,803; 18 cities).

  • Página 153-169
    Autor/es: Espy, Andrews, Kimberly; Fang, Hua; Johnson, Craig; Stopp, Christian; Wiebe, A. Sandra; Respass, Jennifer.
    Título: Prenatal Tobacco Exposure: Developmental Outcomes in the Neonatal Period.
    Resumen: Smoking during pregnancy is a persistent public health problem that has been linked to later adverse outcomes.

  • Página 170-181
    Autor/es: Rohrer, M. Lisa; Cicchetti, dante; Rogosch, A. Fred; Toth, L. Sheree; Maughan, Angeline.
    Título: Effects of Maternal Negativity and Early and Recent Recurrent Depressive Disorder on Children's False Belief Understanding.
    Resumen: Research has shown that children of depressed mothers are at risk for problems in a variety of development domains; however, little is known about the effects of maternal depression on children's emerging understanding of false beliefs.

  • Página 182-191
    Autor/es: Barton, K. Benjamin; Morrongiello, A. Barbara.
    Título: Examining the Impact of Traffic Environment and Executive Functioning on Children's Pedestrian Behaviors.
    Resumen: The process of integrating visual information and planning a safe crossing is cognitively demanding for many young children.

  • Página 192-202
    Autor/es: Tsethlikai, Monica
    Título: An Exploratory Analysis of American Indian Children's Cultural Engagement, Fluid Cognitive Skills, and Standardized Verbal IQ Scores.
    Resumen: This exploratory cross-sectional study examined fluid cognitive skills and standardized verbal IG scores in relation to cultural engagement amongst Tohono O'odham children (N= 99; ages 7 to 12 years).

  • Página 203-212
    Autor/es: De Schoot, Van, Rens; Hoijtink, Herbert; Mulder, Joris; Aken, Van, G. A. Marcel; De Castro, Orobio, Bram; Meeus, Wim; Romejin, Jan-Willem.
    Título: Evaluating Expectations About Negative Emotional States of Aggressive Boys Using Bayesian Model Selection.
    Resumen: Researchers often have expectations about the research outcomes in regeard to inequality constraints between, e.g., group means.

  • Página 213-225
    Autor/es: Morris, Sheffield, Amanda; Silk, S. Jennifer; Morris, S. D. Michael; Aucoin, J. Katherine; Keyes, W. Angela.
    Título: The Influence of Mother-Child Emotion Regulation Strategies on Children's Expression of anger and Sadness.
    Resumen: In a sample of 153 chidren from preschool through second grade, relations between the use of emotion regulation strategy and children's expression of anger and sadness were coded during an observational task in which children were intentionally disapointe

  • Página 226-232
    Autor/es: Wang, Lijuan; Altgassen, Mareike; Liu, Wei; Xiong, Weirui; Akgun, Canan; Kliegel, Matthias.
    Título: Prospective memory Across Adolescence: The Effects of Age and Cue Focality.
    Resumen: The present study examined the role of controlled attention in age differences in event-based prospective memory performance across adolescence.

  • Página 233-247
    Autor/es: Li, Yibing; Lerner, M. Richard.
    Título: Trajectories of School Engagement During Adolescence: Implications for Grades, Depression, Delinquency, and Substance Use.
    Resumen: Using longitudinal data from the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development, the authors assssed 1,977 adolescents across Grades 5 to 8 to determine if there were distinctive development paths for behavioral and emotional school engagement;

  • Página 248-258
    Autor/es: Strohmeier, Dagmar; Karna, Antti; Salmivalli, Christina.
    Título: Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Risk Factors for Peer Victimization in Immigrant Youth in Finland

  • Página 259-269
    Autor/es: Dawes, Pearce, Nickki; Larson, Reed.
    Título: How Youth Get Engaged: Grounded-Theory Research on Motivational Development in Organized Youth Programs.
    Resumen: For youth to benefit from many of the developmental opportunities provided by organized programs, they need to not only attend but become psychological engaged in program activities.

  • Página 270-288
    Autor/es: Marks, K. Amy; Patton, Flannery; Coll, García, Cynthia.
    Título: Being Bicultural: A Mixed-Methods Study of Adolescents' Implicity and Explicity Measured Multiethnic Identities.
    Resumen: Understanding how ethnic identities develop in adolescence is currently limited by a reliance on self-report paper-and-pencil measures.

  • Página 289-301
    Autor/es: Kim, Yeong, Su; Wang, Yijie; Deng, Shiying; Alvarez, Rocio; Li, Jing.
    Título: Accent, Perpetual Foreigner Strereotype, and Perceived Discrimination as Indirect Links Between English Progficiency and Depressive Symptoms in Chinese American Adolescents.
    Resumen: The current study uses García Coll et al.'s (1996) developmental competence model of ethnic minority children and Kim's (1999) racial triangulation theory as frameworks for investigating the mechanisms whereby early adolescent English proficiency relates