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CIM Magazine
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2014, v. 9, n. 7

  • Página 12
    Autor/es: Rolfe, K. and Balcom, C.
    Título: The best in new technology (Tools of the trade)

  • Página 14
    Título: Industry at a glance (News)

  • Página 22
    Autor/es: Simon, B.
    Título: Raglan mine installs innovative technology to harness the power of hydrogen (News)

  • Página 24
    Autor/es: Danielson, V.
    Título: The Gordon Foundation and the Firelight Group release an updated toolkit for First Nations negotiating IBAs with mining companies (News)

  • Página 26
    Autor/es: Rolfe, K.
    Título: The government of B.C. and first Nations partner to respond to the tailings breach at imperial Metal's Mount Polley Mine (News)

  • Página 28
    Autor/es: Petryk, L. and Gosson, G.
    Título: Have your technical reports timed out? (Columns)

  • Página 30
    Autor/es: Weatherell, C.
    Título: The business case for open innovation (Columns)

  • Página 32
    Autor/es: Ospina, M.
    Título: Responsible investiment: the reward of managing social risk (Columns)

  • Página 34
    Autor/es: Windeyer, C.
    Título: Copper & Zinc (Upfront)
    Resumen: A former jarosite pond and a man-made wetland brought nature back to Glencore's Kidd Metside

  • Página 36
    Autor/es: Lopez-Pacheco, A.
    Título: Copper & Zinc (Upfront)
    Resumen: Ore variability drives crushing capacity at Cooper Mountain to extreme

  • Página 40
    Autor/es: Heffernan, V.
    Título: Cooper & Zinc (Upfront)
    Resumen: Economist Patricia Mohr says a copper price rebound will take years, but zinc is heating up

  • Página 42
    Autor/es: Moore, E.
    Título: Reverse engineering
    Resumen: Geometallurgy programs are gaining traction as investor scrutiny and increasing complexity push miners to understand their ore bodies better

  • Página 47
    Título: L'ingénierie inverse (Article de fond)
    Resumen: L'examen rigoureux des investisseurs et la complexité croissante des corps minéralisés obligent les sociétés minnières á mieux comprendre ce qu'elles extraient.

  • Página 52
    Autor/es: Moore, E.
    Título: Direct connection
    Resumen: As throughputs at mines have steadily increased, gearless drive systems' providers have improved the availability, reliability and energy efficiency of their products to meet operational needs

  • Página 53
    Autor/es: Balcom, C.; Jing, L.; Lopez-Pacheco, A. and Rolfe, K.
    Título: Special Report: China (Cover story)
    Resumen: China is the world's fastest growing major economy and a powerful player in the natural resources markets. We examine some of the forces at play in this often misunderstood country

  • Página 64
    Autor/es: Lanktree, G.
    Título: Lincang, China (Travel)

  • Página 74
    Autor/es: Mathisen, H.
    Título: The second World War finds its way to iron ore-producing Bell Island, Newfoundland, when German U-boat captain Rolf Ruggeberg starts attacking shipd off the island's coast (Mining Lore)