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The International Journal of Cultural Policy

2008, v. 14, n. 4

  • Página 361-376
    Autor/es: Garcia, Beatriz
    Título: One hundred years of cultural programming within the Olympic Games (1912-2012): origins, evoluition and projections.
    Resumen: The Olympic Games is recognised worldwide as the largest sports mega-event - certainly, the event attracting the largest amount of media coverage globally.

  • Página 377-397
    Autor/es: Coaffee, Jon.
    Título: Sport, culture and the modern state: emerging themes in stimulating urban regeneration in the UK.
    Resumen: Since 1997 the relationship between sport policy and urban regeneration in the UK has expanded significantly as the transformative power of sport has been recognised and increasingly evidenced.

  • Página 399-415
    Autor/es: Rowe, David
    Título: Culture, sport and the night-time economy.
    Resumen: This article is concerned with three principal subjects: the place of sport in urban renewal, especially in working-class and de-industrialising zones of the city;

  • Página 417-430
    Autor/es: Bairner, Alan.
    Título: The cultural politics of remembrance: sport, place and memory in Belfast and Berlin.
    Resumen: Recent debates about the construction of a new 'national' sports stadium for Northern Ireland have touched on but left relatively unexplored the closely linked proposal for a museum and conflict transformation centre on the same site.

  • Página 431-444
    Autor/es: Arnaud, Lionel.
    Título: Identity as a project: art and sport in the service of urban development policies.
    Resumen: In a context where the local elites have understood that they could use culture to try and create a sense of belonging, of unity, beyond social divisions and conflicts,

  • Página 445-461
    Autor/es: Moore, Kevin.
    Título: Sports heritage and the re-imaged city: the national Football Museum, Preston.
    Resumen: Sports is increasingly a part of the regeneration strategies of British cities and there is an increasing connection between sport and culture within these strategies.

  • Página 463-477
    Autor/es: Inglis, David.
    Título: Culture agonistes: social differentiation, cultural policy and Cultural Olympiads.
    Resumen: Cultural policy-markers and analysts have recently focussed upon the particularly fruitful connections between 'culture' and sports.