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Hoard`s Dairyman

2009, v. 154, n. 10

  • Página 361
    Autor/es: Mayer, Mark; Kammel, David.
    Título: Renovated barns, streamlined labor; Upgrading facilities meant less labor, and that is more money in your pocket.
    Resumen: Moving from a two-person milk labor force to a one-person milking crew will save you money.

  • Página 362
    Autor/es: Sjostrom, Lucas.
    Título: Calf care: all-in, all out, all-plastic; At North Florida Holsteins, the calf sheds are cheap to build, easy to fix, and getting smaller. Their mortality rate is shrinking, too.
    Resumen: Dairy calf care can be one of the biggest challenges for any producer. Small and large dairies alike often worry so much about their newboenrs that they outsourrce them to specilty calf ranches with superior care and state-of-the-art facilities.

  • Página 363
    Autor/es: Schwab, C. Eric; Bremmer, R. Darin.
    Título: Bags, bunkers, or piles; Each can provide excellent feed. Pick the one that fits your needs, facilities, and management style.
    Resumen: Over the years, many article have been written and economic models developed evaluating short- and long-term costs associated with the facilities to store forages.

  • Página 366
    Autor/es: Curtis, Carole.
    Título: Packing bunkers: Five steps to getting it done right.
    Resumen: While packing a crop can sometimes take a backseat to the actual cutting or chopping of corn or hay, it can be costly when done poorly, says Lucas Vander Kinter.

  • Página 367
    Autor/es: Cassell, Bennet.
    Título: Why is Crossbreeding slow to take off?
    Resumen: The "Editorial Comment" section of the February 25 issue of Hoards Dairyman, page 138, reported that 89.3 percent of cows born in 2005 were Holsteins, while 6.4 percent were Jersey.

  • Página 369
    Autor/es: Hardesty, Mark.
    Título: Three barns where cows bunched up.
    Resumen: Almost every summer has that week. it's that week when cows start to bunch to one end of the barn at almost every dairy I visit.

  • Página 370
    Autor/es: Sipiorski, Gary.
    Título: Milk price insurance is here.
    Resumen: Milk price uncertainty remains as a huge question in the minds of dairy producers. As of the writting of this article, there is still a large chasm between milk prices and the cost of producing 100 pounds of milk.

  • Página 371
    Autor/es: De Ondarza, Beth.
    Título: Consider your lower-cost options.
    Resumen: With the current milk prices, people are looking to cut back on feeds costs. as a nutrition consultant, my job is to suggest the best ways to do this.

  • Página 374
    Autor/es: Stoltzfus, Andrea.
    Título: Tractors do roll over and can kill; People usually do not survive end-over-end rollovers, Don is a lucky one.
    Resumen: On the farm, a tractor can be one of the most valuable pieces of equipement a farmer owns. But it can be one pf the most dangerous if not properly equipped with a ROPS (Roll Over Protection System).

  • Página 375
    Autor/es: Owens, Joanne.
    Título: A long the way....
    Resumen: We grandparents know that the most priceless gifts we can give to our children and grandchildren are the gifts of time, attention, and love.

  • Página 380
    Autor/es: Gardner, E. Charles, D.V.M
    Título: Dairy Challenge brings classroom to life.
    Resumen: Last month, I was privilegied to serve as a judge at the National Dairy Challenge in Syracuse, N.Y., where 32 teams of your students each, plus a large number os sponsors, coaches, and judges, assembled over a Friday and saturday to carry out out this con

  • Página 381
    Autor/es: Schwab, C. E.; Bremmer, R. D.
    Título: Storage silage on a workable surface.
    Resumen: Concrete and asphalt are the preferred surfaces whether you have bags, bunkers, or piles. We believe asphalt now is the surface of choice.

  • Página 382
    Autor/es: Foley, Vern.
    Título: Sand advice from a groover.
    Resumen: We all know sand works exceptionally well in the stall. Some is kicked out into feed stall alleys continually and, because of its abrasiveness, hepls provide traction.

  • Página 383
    Autor/es: McGuirk, Sheila.
    Título: Think colostrum first.
    Resumen: It is important that you work with your veterinarian to determine the primary problem before you look at vaccinating.