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Journal International Des Sciences De La Vigne Et Du Vin

2009, v. 43, n. 1

  • Página 1-12
    Autor/es: Carey, V.A.; Archer, E.; Barbeau, G.; Saayman, D.
    Título: Viticultural terroirs in Stellenbosch, South Africa. III. Spatialisation of viticultural and oenological potential for Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon blanc by means of a preliminary model.
    Resumen: Aims: Identification and characterisation of terroirs depends on knowledge of environmental parameters, functioning of the grapevine and characteristics of the final product. Field studies, resulting in point data, are necessary to investigate the functio

  • Página 13-28
    Autor/es: Valdés-Gómez, H.; Celette, F.; De Cortázar-Atauri, I.; Jara-Rojas, F.; Ortega-Farías, S.; Gary, C.
    Título: Modelling soil water content and grapevine growth and development with the stics crop-soil model under two different water management strategies.
    Resumen: Many models have been developed to evaluate crop growth and development, but few are capable of simulating grapevine system. The present study was carried out to evaluate te ability

  • Página 29-34
    Autor/es: Stajner, Natasa; Elizabeta, Angelova; Bozinovic, Zvonimir; Branka, Javornik; Petkov, Mihail
    Título: Microsatellite marker analysis of macedonian grapevines (Vitis vinifera l.) compared to bulgarian and greek cultivars.
    Resumen: Aims: Eleven Macedonian grapevine accessions were genotyped by microsatellite profiling at 9 microsatellite loci, in order to identify Macedonian cultivars and to evaluate the relationships among them. The comparison with grapevine cultivars from two neig

  • Página 35-44
    Autor/es: Wu Dai, Z.; Génard, M.; Hua Li, S.; Vivin, Ph.
    Título: Analyzing the functional association among seed traits, berry growth and chemical composition in cabernet-sauvignon berry (Vitis vinifera l.) using a mathematical growth function.
    Resumen: Aims: This study aimed at assessing the functional linkage among seed traits (including seed number, seed weight), berry growth and berry sugar and acid concentration by adapting a mathematical growth function with parameters having biological importance.

  • Página 45-53
    Autor/es: Gil-Muñoz, R.; Vila-López, J.I.; Fernández-Fernández, M.; Martínez-Cutillas, A.
    Título: Effects of cluster thinning on anthocyanin extractability and chromatic parameters of Syrah and Tempranillo grapes and wines.
    Resumen: Aims: The effects of cluster thinning on yield and extractability parameters of Syrah and Tempranillo grapes, as well as the chromatic characteristics of the wines obtained in three consecutive seasons. Methods and results: Grapes of Vitis vinifera L. var