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The Journal of Arts Managment, Law and Society

2009, v. 37, n. 4

  • Página 275-279
    Autor/es: Galligan, M, Ann.
    Título: Introduction. The Expanding Boundaries of Art and Culture.
    Resumen: Depending on the lenses employed, definitions of what is meant by art and culture, as well as that of artist and cultural planning.

  • Página 281-299
    Autor/es: Rotter, M, Jonathan.
    Título: Law, Economics, Technology, and the Social Construction of Art.
    Resumen: In the ample literature on the legal system´s engagement with the art world, insufficient attention has been paid to ways in which law helps to define and give content to broadly accepted ideas about art.

  • Página 301-309
    Autor/es: Ulrich, M, Brenda; Jamieson, Shannon.
    Título: Muddled Waters: An Addendum on the Consignment of Fine Art Law in Massachusetts.
    Resumen: The authors build on the summer 2005 The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society article "Muddy Waters: Consigned Artwork and the Vagaries of the Legal System in Massachusetts".

  • Página 311-330
    Autor/es: Napoli, M, Philip.
    Título: Bridging Cultural Policy and Media Policy.
    Resumen: Cultural and media policy have remained largely distinct fields of research, policymaking, and policy advocacy in the United States.

  • Página 333-344
    Autor/es: Sirayi, Mzo.
    Título: Cultural Planning and Urban Renewal in South Africa.
    Resumen: The author explores the role of cultural planning as a planning tool in South Africa. He argues that cultural planning contributes to arts.

  • Página 345-349
    Autor/es: Galligan, M, Ann.
    Título: COMMENTARY. The Evolution of Art and Culture as It Relates to Workforce Dynamics.
    Resumen: The author discusses the relationship among art, culture, and the workforce, examining the historical context of these areas and outlining the implications for the arts and cultural sector.

  • Página 350-351
    Título: Annual Index.