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Journal of Cultural Economics

2007, v. 31, n. 4

  • Página 247-261
    Autor/es: Hutter, Michael; Knebel, Christian; Pietzner, Gunnar; Scäfer
    Título: Two games in town: a comparison of dealer and auction prices in cotemporary visual arts markets.
    Resumen: The article tests a couple of hypotheses relating to markets where demand is not taken as a given, but subject to sophisticated and encompassing price-building strategies.

  • Página 263-277
    Autor/es: Pesando, E. James; Shum, M. Pauline
    Título: the law of one price, noise and "irrational Exuberance": the auction market for Picasso prints
    Resumen: Weuse prices realized for Picasso prints at auctions worldwide, as well as the 100 prints that comprise his Vollard Suite, to test the law of one price: the proposition that identical art objects sold contemporaneously should command the same price

  • Página 279-292
    Autor/es: Highfill, Jannett; O'Brien, Kevin
    Título: Bidding and prices for online art auctions: sofa art or investment.
    Resumen: The article uses auction data collected from the eBay internet site to examine teh effect of various parameters on number of bids selling price of art.

  • Página 293-310
    Autor/es: Nooman, S. Douglas
    Título: Fiscal pressures, institutional context, and constituents: a dynamic model of states' arts agency appropriations.
    Resumen: This report focuses on state government appropriations to state agencies (SAA), a primary figure in arts and cultural policy in the United States. A dynamic panel-data estimator can identify the fiscal,

  • Página 311-335
    Autor/es: Choi, S. Andy; Papandra, Franco; Bennett, Jeff
    Título: Assessing cultural values: developing an attitudinal scale.
    Resumen: Effetive measurement of cultural value is often elusive because of its multidimensional nature. It is also influenced by sociodemographic characteristics (manifest variable)