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Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage

2008, v. 1, n. 1

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    Autor/es: David Arnold
    Título: Editorial for inaugural issue of JOCCH : Pasteur's Quadrant: Cultural heritage as inspiration for basic research in computer science.

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    Autor/es: Paolo Cignoni, Roberto Scopigno
    Título: Sampled 3D models for CH applications : A viable and enabling new medium or just a technological exercise & quest.

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    Autor/es: Franciska De Jong, Douglas W. Oard, Willemijn Heeren, Roeland Ordelman
    Título: Access to recorded interviews : A research agenda.

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    Autor/es: Karl-Heinz Lampe, Klaus Riede, Martin Doerr
    Título: Research between natural and cultural history information : Benefits and IT-requirements for transdisciplinarity.

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    Autor/es: Martin Doerr, Dolores Iorizzo
    Título: The dream of a global knowledge network—A new approach.

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    Autor/es: Alain Bonardi, Jérome Barthélemy
    Título: The preservation, emulation, migration, and virtualization of live electronics for performing arts: An overview of musical and technical issues.