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Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research

2016, v. 18, n. 2

  • Página 217-225
    Autor/es: Wenzel BA; Gamborena I; Lee J1
    Título: Effect of Platform Shift on Crestal Bone Levels and Mucosal Profile Following Flap Surgery and Subcrestal Implant Placement in Presence/Absence of Gap Defects.

  • Página 226-233
    Autor/es: Cosyn J; Cleymaet R; De Bruyn H1
    Título: Predictors of Alveolar Process Remodeling Following Ridge Preservation in High-Risk Patients.

  • Página 234-240
    Autor/es: Cosyn J; Christiaens V; Koningsveld V
    Título: An Exploratory Case-Control Study on the Impact of IL-1 Gene Polymorphisms on Early Implant Failure.

  • Página 241-252
    Autor/es: Xu L; Zhang W; Lv K
    Título: Peri-Implant Bone Regeneration Using rhPDGF-BB, BMSCs, and β-TCP in a Canine Model.

  • Página 253-260
    Autor/es: Merheb J; Temmerman A; Rasmusson L
    Título: Influence of Skeletal and Local Bone Density on Dental Implant Stability in Patients with Osteoporosis.

  • Página 261-269
    Autor/es: Kusumoto Y; Tachikawa N; Munakata M
    Título: Lateral Bone Window Closing Technique with Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) Membrane in the Augmentation of the Maxillary Sinus without Grafting Material: Evaluation of Bone Healing in a Rabbit Model

  • Página 270-280
    Autor/es: Du Z; Ivanovski S; Hamlet SM
    Título: The Ultrastructural Relationship Between Osteocytes and Dental Implants Following Osseointegration.

  • Página 281-291
    Autor/es: Kim JW; Cha IH; Kim SJ
    Título: Biomarkers for Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw.

  • Página 292-300
    Autor/es: Zheng X; Teng M; Zhou F
    Título: Influence of Maxillary Sinus Width on Transcrestal Sinus Augmentation Outcomes: Radiographic Evaluation Based on Cone Beam CT.

  • Página 301-309
    Autor/es: Romanos G; Grizas E; Laukart E
    Título: Effects of Early Moderate Loading on Implant Stability: A Retrospective Investigation of 634 Implants with Platform Switching and Morse-Tapered Connections

  • Página 309-322
    Autor/es: Göthberg C; André U; Gröndahl K
    Título: Bone Response and Soft Tissue Changes Around Implants With/Without Abutments Supporting Fixed Partial Dentures: Results From a 3-Year, Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Study

  • Página 323-331
    Autor/es: Vandeweghe S; Hawker P; De Bruyn H
    Título: An Up to 12-Year Retrospective Follow-Up on Immediately Loaded, Surface-Modified Implants in the Edentulous Mandible

  • Página 332-341
    Autor/es: Kim DG; Kwon HJ; Jeong YH
    Título: Associations of Resonance Frequency Analysis with Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Dental Implant Systems.

  • Página 342-359
    Autor/es: Khojasteh A; Hassani A; Motamedian SR
    Título: Cortical Bone Augmentation Versus Nerve Lateralization for Treatment of Atrophic Posterior Mandible: A Retrospective Study and Review of Literature

  • Página 369-378
    Autor/es: Favero R; Botticelli D; Antunes AA
    Título: Sequential Healing at Calcium- versus Calcium Phosphate-Modified Titanium Implant Surfaces: An Experimental Study in Dogs

  • Página 379-391
    Autor/es: Xu L; Sun X; Bai J
    Título: Reosseointegration Following Regenerative Therapy of Tissue-Engineered Bone in a Canine Model of Experimental Peri-Implantitis.

  • Página 392-400
    Autor/es: Ghaleh Golab K; Balouch A; Mirtorabi S.
    Título: One-Year Multicenter Prospective Evaluation of Survival Rates and Bone Resorption in One-Piece Implants

  • Página 401-409
    Autor/es: Wang S; Liu Y; Tang Y
    Título: Direct Radial LMHF Microvibration Induced Bone Formation and Promoted Implant Osseointegration.

  • Página 410-420
    Autor/es: Zhou Y; Gao J; Luo L
    Título: Does Bruxism Contribute to Dental Implant Failure? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis