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Journal of Veterinary Medical Education

2016, v. 43, n. 3

  • Página 225–225
    Autor/es: Heather Rally
    Título: Animal Welfare in Science Depends on Veterinarians

  • Página 226–234
    Autor/es: Rafael Latorre, David Bainbridge, Angie Tavernor, Octavio López Albors
    Título: Plastination in Anatomy Learning: An Experience at Cambridge University

  • Página 235–242
    Autor/es: Julie A. Williamson, John J. Dascanio, Undine Christmann, Jason W. Johnson, Bradley Rohleder, Lydia Titus
    Título: Development and Validation of a Model for Training Equine Phlebotomy and Intramuscular Injection Skills

  • Página 243–254
    Autor/es: Sarah Nemanic, Serena Mills, Matt Viehdorfer, Terri Clark, Mike Bailey
    Título: The Effectiveness of a 3D Computerized Tutorial to Enhance Learning of the Canine Larynx and Hyoid Apparatus

  • Página 255–262
    Autor/es: Angel Abuelo, Cristina Castillo, Stephen A. May
    Título: Usefulness of Crossword Puzzles in Helping First-Year BVSc Students Learn Veterinary Terminology

  • Página 263–270
    Autor/es: Christopher P. Ober
    Título: Novel Card Games for Learning Radiographic Image Quality and Urologic Imaging in Veterinary Medicine

  • Página 271–274
    Autor/es: Erik H. Hofmeister, Bryan A. McCullick
    Título: What Can Veterinary Educators Learn from PE Teachers?

  • Página 275–281
    Autor/es: Amara H. Estrada, Linda Behar-Horenstein, Daniel J. Estrada, Erik Black, Alison Kwiatkowski, Annie Bzoch, Amy Blue
    Título: Incorporating Inter-Professional Education into a Veterinary Medical Curriculum

  • Página 282–286
    Autor/es: Martin Whiting, Tierney Kinnison, Liz Mossop
    Título: Teaching Tip: Developing an Intercollegiate Twitter Forum to Improve Student Exam Study and Digital Professionalism

  • Página 287–301
    Autor/es: Jill R.D. MacKay, Fritha Langford, Natalie Waran
    Título: Massive Open Online Courses as a Tool for Global Animal Welfare Education

  • Página 302–309
    Autor/es: Alison C. Kwiatkowski, Muhammet Demirbilek
    Título: Investigating Veterinary Medicine Faculty Perceptions of Lecture Capture: Issues, Concerns, and Promises

  • Página 310–320
    Autor/es: Amelia R. Cornish, Georgina L. Caspar, Teresa Collins, Christopher Degeling, Anne Fawcett, Andrew D. Fisher, Rafael Freire, Susan J. Hazel, Jennifer Hood, A. Jane Johnson, Janice Lloyd, Clive J.C. Phillips, Kevin Stafford, Vicky Tzioumis, Paul D. McGreevy
    Título: Career Preferences and Opinions on Animal Welfare and Ethics: A Survey of Veterinary Students in Australia and New Zealand

  • Página 321–330
    Autor/es: Manuel Magalhães-Sant'Ana, Alison J. Hanlon
    Título: Straight from the Horse's Mouth: Using Vignettes to Support Student Learning in Veterinary Ethics