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Structural Engineering and Mechanics

2012, v. 40, n. 6

  • Página 745
    Autor/es: Luis A. Montejo
    Título: Signal processing based damage detection in structures subjected to random excitations

  • Página 763
    Autor/es: J. Paul Smith-Pardo
    Título: Performance-based framework for soil-structure systems using simplified rocking foundation models

  • Página 783
    Autor/es: Nasrin Jafari, Mojtaba Azhari and Amin Heidarpour
    Título: Local buckling of thin and moderately thick variable thickness viscoelastic composite plates

  • Página 801
    Autor/es: Zhi-Hua Chen, Guo-Jun Sun and Zhi-Shan Luo
    Título: A new experimental technique on the tubular joints of spatial grid structures

  • Página 813
    Autor/es: Y.Z. Chen
    Título: A numerical solution for a finite internally cracked plate using hybrid crack element method

  • Página 829
    Autor/es: Oguz Akin Duzgun and Ahmet Budak
    Título: A study on the topographical and geotechnical effects in 2-D soil-structure interaction analysis under ground motion

  • Página 847
    Autor/es: How-Ji Chen, Te-Hung Liu, Chao-Wei Tang and Wen-Po Tsai
    Título: Influence of high-cycle fatigue on the tension stiffening behavior of flexural reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete beams

  • Página 867
    Autor/es: Matthew J. Fisher and Halil Sezen
    Título: Behavior of exterior reinforced concrete beam-column joints including a new reinforcement