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Acta Odontologica Scandinavica

2017, v. 75, n. 1

  • Página 1-11
    Autor/es: Mihaylova, Z; Mitev, V; Stanimirov, P
    Título: Use of platelet concentrates in oral and maxillofacial surgery: an overview.

  • Página 12-20
    Autor/es: Cortes, A; Ekstrand, KR; Gamboa, LF
    Título: Caries status in young Colombian children expressed by the ICCMS™ visual/radiographic combined caries staging system.

  • Página 21-29
    Autor/es: Balci, Yuce H; Akbulut, N; Ocakli, S
    Título: The effect of commercial conjugated linoleic acid products on experimental periodontitis and diabetes mellitus in Wistar rats.

  • Página 30-35
    Autor/es: Lozano, Moraga CP; Rodríguez Martínez, GA; Lefimil Puente, CA
    Título: Prevalence of Candida albicans and carriage of Candida non-albicans in the saliva of preschool children, according to their caries status.

  • Página 36-58
    Autor/es: Antonio, Jiménez-Silva; Consuelo, Peña-Durán; Julio, Tobar-Reyes
    Título: Sleep and awake bruxism in adults and its relationship with temporomandibular disorders: A systematic review from 2003 to 2014.

  • Página 59-66
    Autor/es: Lin, Wang; Yu, Zhao; Liqin, Mei
    Título: Effect of application time of maleic acid on smear layer removal and mechanical properties of root canal dentin.

  • Página 67-72
    Autor/es: Jiao, Wei; Danhua, Ma; Min, Qiu
    Título: Medical treatments for pregnant patients with oral lichen planus.

  • Página 73-78
    Autor/es: Anni, Riepponen; Riitta, Myllykangas; Jarno, Savolainen
    Título: Changes in posterior airway space and hyoid bone position after surgical mandibular advancement.