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Angle Orthodontist

2017, v. 87, n. 1

  • Página 3-10
    Autor/es: Iglesias-Linares, A; Sonnenberg, B; Solano, B
    Título: Orthodontically induced external apical root resorption in patients treated with fixed appliances vs removable aligners.

  • Página 11-18
    Autor/es: Lombardo, L; Martines, E; Mazzanti, V
    Título: Stress relaxation properties of four orthodontic aligner materials: A 24-hour in vitro study.

  • Página 19-24
    Autor/es: Houle, JP; Piedade, L; Todescan, R Jr
    Título: The predictability of transverse changes with Invisalign.

  • Página 33-40
    Autor/es: Vela-Hernández, A; López-García, R; García-Sanz, V
    Título: Nonsurgical treatment of skeletal anterior open bite in adult patients: Posterior build-ups.

  • Página 41-48
    Autor/es: Matsuda, Y; Motokawa, M; Kaku, M
    Título: RANKL and OPG expression: Jiggling force affects root resorption in rats.

  • Página 49-55
    Autor/es: Yurttadur, G; Bascıftcı, FA; Ozturk, K.
    Título: The effects of rapid maxillary expansion on voice function.

  • Página 56-67
    Autor/es: Oh, H; Baumrind, S; Korn, EL; Dugoni, S
    Título: A retrospective study of Class II mixed-dentition treatment.

  • Página 68-73
    Autor/es: Nakawaki, T; Yamaguchi, T; Isa, M
    Título: Growth hormone receptor gene variant and three-dimensional mandibular morphology.

  • Página 74-81
    Autor/es: Castroflorio, T; Gamerro, EF; Caviglia, GP
    Título: Biochemical markers of bone metabolism during early orthodontic tooth movement with aligners.

  • Página 82-87
    Autor/es: Aras, I; Pasaoglu, A; Olmez, S
    Título: Comparison of stepwise vs single-step advancement with the Functional Mandibular Advancer in Class II division 1 treatment.

  • Página 88-95
    Autor/es: Arreghini, A; Trigila, S; Lombardo, L
    Título: Objective assessment of compliance with intra- and extraoral removable appliances.

  • Página 96-103
    Autor/es: Duran, GS; Dindaroğlu, F; Görgülü, S.
    Título: Three-dimensional evaluation of social smile symmetry.

  • Página 104-110
    Autor/es: Techalertpaisarn, P; Versluis, A.
    Título: Effect of apical portion of T-, sloped L-, and reversed L-closing loops on their force systems.

  • Página 111-117
    Autor/es: Roelofs, T; Merkens, N; Roelofs, J
    Título: A retrospective survey of the causes of bracket- and tube-bonding failures.

  • Página 118-124
    Autor/es: Peron, AP; Johann, AC; Papalexiou, V
    Título: Tissue responses resulting from tooth movement surgically assisted by corticotomy and corticision in rats.

  • Página 125-130
    Autor/es: Alrejaye, N; Pober, R; Giordano Ii, R.
    Título: Torsional strength of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing-fabricated esthetic orthodontic brackets.

  • Página 131-137
    Autor/es: Aranitasi, L; Tarazona, B; Zamora, N
    Título: Influence of skeletal class in the morphology of cervical vertebrae: A study using cone beam computed tomography.

  • Página 138-146
    Autor/es: Anandarajah, S; Dudhia, R; Sandham, A
    Título: Risk factors for small pharyngeal airway dimensions in preorthodontic children: A three-dimensional study.

  • Página 147-158
    Autor/es: Diar-Bakirly, S; Feres, MF; Saltaji, H
    Título: Effectiveness of the transpalatal arch in controlling orthodontic anchorage in maxillary premolar extraction cases: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

  • Página 159-167
    Autor/es: Eslami, E; Katz, ES; Baghdady, M
    Título: Are three-dimensional airway evaluations obtained through computed and cone-beam computed tomography scans predictable from lateral cephalograms? A systematic review of evidence.